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33:00Battlefield 2042 Gameplay
Battlefield 2042 Gameplaywyświetleń 293K23 godzin temu
11:59Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay and Impressions
11:08Battlefield 2042 New Gameplay Details and Secrets!
13:12Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!
Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!wyświetleń 2,6M23 godzin temu
12:44This is why the RAM7 is the Best Gun in Warzone now...
20:59Spectating Warzone Solos is too Funny!
Spectating Warzone Solos is too Funny!wyświetleń 285K7 dni temu
4:23Battlefield 6 New Teasers and Secrets!
Battlefield 6 New Teasers and Secrets!wyświetleń 616K7 dni temu
2:43BATTLEFIELD 6 Reveal!
BATTLEFIELD 6 Reveal!wyświetleń 637K7 dni temu
8:40The FFAR in Warzone is still stupid good...
8:23It's nearly time for a new Battlefield...
23:31Rogue Company 2021 - Gameplay and Impressions
8:02Far Cry 6 - Gameplay and First Impressions
Far Cry 6 - Gameplay and First Impressionswyświetleń 934K14 dni temu
9:45Warzone Nerfed the AMAX again... :(
Warzone Nerfed the AMAX again... :(wyświetleń 207K14 dni temu
9:32Warzone is in a strange place right now...
Warzone is in a strange place right now...wyświetleń 397K14 dni temu
16:41Battlefield 5 makes me crazy...
Battlefield 5 makes me crazy...wyświetleń 421K14 dni temu
13:04STOP using the Kar98... The Swiss K31 is better!
8:56Battlefield 1 will never get boring to me...
Battlefield 1 will never get boring to me...wyświetleń 291K21 dzień temu
13:55I found a No Miss Sniper in COD Warzone...
I found a No Miss Sniper in COD Warzone...wyświetleń 392K21 dzień temu
13:26Battlefield 4 has not been beaten... Yet.
Battlefield 4 has not been beaten... Yet.wyświetleń 614K21 dzień temu
15:46The Best Sniper in Warzone is basically Hitscan...
10:03Warzone what the HELL is this?!
Warzone what the HELL is this?!wyświetleń 476K21 dzień temu
8:39Battlefield Firestorm is back...
Battlefield Firestorm is back...wyświetleń 556K28 dni temu
9:09Battlefield 6 - New details and Xbox / PS4 Release!
9:03Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer in June!
Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer in June!wyświetleń 365KMiesiąc temu


  • Sheeesh October needs to get here soon, already pre order mines on PC 🥵🔥

  • 26:44 whoa, what’s an Xbox One S | X ? Lol 😳😂

  • Got to love the elevator music. lol

  • can’t wait to use the flight suit and get sniped in mid air while i pretend im a flying squirrel 🐿..

  • @7:53 smooth bore means the barrel of the tank isn't rifled, meaning the projectile isn't going to have much spin (if any)

  • Looks good but why always against russia even though China would be more likely?

  • @jackfrags 17:57 Osprey showing u can seat 6 people! Wasn’t sure if u saw that yet or not 😬

  • Is it just me or when the voiceover at 0:13 said "attention all squads" he sounded like StoneMountain???

  • WHAT??😂😂 BF3 is better BY FAR

  • I’m concerned about level of destruction. The one thing bf4 really turned down was destruction elements and i don’t want that to be sacrificed in this game

  • Very Disappointed. Very much like COD and not enough like Battlefield, My hopes were up for a very much different approach. I'll play it, but looking for a much more Mature Battlefield in the future!

  • Are there revive animations still?

  • Wow

  • So people are just saying this is like bf4 so is bf4 worth getting then??

  • Keep expectations low, look what happened to bfv, it might all fall apart... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!

  • Still not hyped it just doesn't seem good. And it looks like a Bf4 bf3 mash up. I can see a lot of reskined maps coming for this game

  • One of the most unoriginal comment sections I’ve seen. Everyone is making the same lOl jAcK aLrEaDy PlAyEd ThE gAmE durrr Durrr durr smoothbrain joke. That’s all kids know how to do is parrot stupid trends.

  • I've never pre-ordered a game before, but...

  • If y’all stop buying this shit, we just might get a Rainbow Six Vegas 3!

  • where is the kill notification?

  • That looks awesome.

  • There better be Hard Core mode. None of this crap with people surviving a direct hit by an RPG or getting hit 6 times by bullets and live like in kiddie bf4 core mode!

  • Yes jack riot shield will be a specialist you already know this 🤣

  • Hype levels over 9000

  • Wow, my comment about specialists was deleted lol, unsubbed.

  • MD is McDonnell Douglas so its the chopper not the gun

  • Cannot Wait!!!

  • Jack acting like he wasn't the lead developer of the game

  • Jack acting like.... comment No 1,005

  • Russians. Why is it always the Russians 🥱

  • Any small buildings that are destructible with big holes in walls and floors caving in???

  • Well I'm preordering

  • Nahhh man all these operators are bullshit, just keep it normal man wtf, we asked for a classic bf game and this is what we receive?

  • 3:17 the laugh of a over excited man child.

  • Need to analyse, the HUD and how there's a revolver with a sniper scope eek

  • Cannot wait to get my hands on this!

  • I cannot get the color right. It's over saturated or blurry majority time.

  • I CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR THIS!!! Dice!! Please!!!

  • Hopefully ever map has changing effects It would be equally boring and tactical if you knew the exact times weather events would happen

  • 12:47 Actual Gameplay.


  • Looks like BF 3 and 4 with major upgrades, they nailed it jack Finally💯 Need them Battlepacks from BF 3 and I'm all set🤣

  • Jack acting like he didn't realize he was acting like Jack.


  • IT would be Awesome & Funny if Call of Duty would ask StoneMountain64 to do the voice acting like in the very beginning.

  • kind of disappointed about the third person takedowns. ive always enjoyed the satisfaction of watching my character shank somebody in first person.

  • The only thing that didn't like me was that animation into the zip line. It seems a bit clunky, but the transition to the ground afterwards was really smooth tho.

  • No one likes the specialists just let us play as normal soldiers.

  • Part Welsh in the trailer?

  • Been playing it lately, im impressed, i liked it quiete a lot

  • Not gonna lie I was hyped up to the moon but now I dont think I will buy it.. it looks too futuristic and too Call of Duty-ish for me. I guess I will need to stay with BF4 for a couple of years more.

  • You get such a fuller view of your weapon on PC

  • Explaning frame by frame the map Antartica (suddenly receives a message on mobile in the background ) oh damn the stream is ruined restart !!

  • Is that stodehs' dog in the background.? Wooof Woooof

  • Modern warfare 2019 still looks way better

  • Love all these “Jack acting like -“ comments lol

  • The lack of penguins is hugely disappointing

  • You guys think that we'll be able to choose which attachments appear on the plus system or will it always be those preset ones?

  • I don’t think think every map should have some catastrophic weather event…

  • all i saw was a dlc for bf4.

  • I hope activition is pissing them selves right now, warzone who?

  • Unfortunate still 4 players per squad not 5 like in the past... But magnum with crazy scope is back.

  • Anyone also realise how tanks have unlimited ammo

  • Still. personally not liking what they done. The butchering of classes, oh yeah no classes. Support is Assault now? Check. Way too gimmicky as if they're trying to copy the hokey pokey gadget style of R6S etc and other games. Everything else looks pretty good. Just gotta butcher the most important part of the game, "The Playable Characters". Who the fuck wants to play some douche named "Espinoza".

  • Jack acting like he hasn't played or seen all this before

  • Really disliking the specialists there's 128 players so it better be customizable af

  • I just can’t imagine if they allow you to have your own servers and modify settings like you could in bf4 Milsim is gonna be fucking 6000 time more awesome finally big enough teams

  • Bye bye CoD

  • I really want to see more Destruction. so far it's lacking but other than that the game looks EPIC FUN!

  • Jack acting like he doesn’t know every included dlc, unlocks, perks, Easter eggs, weapons, vehicles, spawns, and the next battlefield after this one.

  • Good coda game looks so washed out dull can’t wait for battlefield to kill of cod lol

  • Are the graphics not done completely yet?

  • Fun fact: Also notice Floppy_Ragdoll as a teammate or player in the video. He used to be a youtuber making funny gameplay videos and cinematics of BF... then a few years ago he joined the DICE media team as a Video Director. The more you know.

  • Can the skyscraper be destroyed or knocked down?

  • BF4 ! remake... shame on u DICE

  • lmao this is just cause 4 with multiplayer

    • Stop lol

  • As long as my 2070 Super can run this at 144fps low settings at 1080p, its all good

  • When MICHAEL BAY directs a BATTLE FIELD game

  • Trailer was good, this.. this is beautiful! Wish I could get my hands on a next gen, when the fuck are they gonna make enough for everyone to buy, if I can’t get one before this drops, imma be pissed

  • Its a lot to take in