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Shadow Music is an upcoming music outlet, striving to promote the best up & coming artists. (w/ lyrics)


2:54Deadshort - Love Is Hard To Find (Lyrics)
2:50Maroon 5 - Lost (Lyrics)
Maroon 5 - Lost (Lyrics)wyświetleń 27KDzień temu
3:31Doja Cat - Need To Know (Lyrics)
Doja Cat - Need To Know (Lyrics)wyświetleń 87KDzień temu
3:31Måneskin - Beggin' (Lyrics/Testo)
Måneskin - Beggin' (Lyrics/Testo)wyświetleń 669KDzień temu
2:23ELIJAH MOON - someone that's not me (Lyrics)
2:28EMELINE & SMLE - flowers & sex (Lyrics)
EMELINE & SMLE - flowers & sex (Lyrics)wyświetleń 128K8 dni temu
3:33Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Lyrics)
Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Lyrics)wyświetleń 34K8 dni temu
3:30Nvr/Mnd - BACK TO HER (Lyrics)
Nvr/Mnd - BACK TO HER (Lyrics)wyświetleń 123K8 dni temu
1:50ELIJAH MOON - The Peak (Lyrics)
ELIJAH MOON - The Peak (Lyrics)wyświetleń 173K8 dni temu
3:23Rauw Alejandro - Todo De Ti (Letra/Lyrics)
2:34Nic D - Fine Apple (Lyrics)
Nic D - Fine Apple (Lyrics)wyświetleń 20K15 dni temu
5:04Matt Cooper - Ain't Met Us Yet (Lyrics)
Matt Cooper - Ain't Met Us Yet (Lyrics)wyświetleń 121K15 dni temu
3:13Alper Egri - Pablo Pablo (Lyrics)
Alper Egri - Pablo Pablo (Lyrics)wyświetleń 724K15 dni temu
3:23Spazi - Summer Times (Lyrics)
Spazi - Summer Times (Lyrics)wyświetleń 182K15 dni temu
3:23Sølace - Lonely But Not Alone (Lyrics)
Sølace - Lonely But Not Alone (Lyrics)wyświetleń 153K15 dni temu
3:17Spazi - The Same (Live Performance - On The Mic)
2:21PlayaPhonk - PHONKY TOWN (TikTok Song)
PlayaPhonk - PHONKY TOWN (TikTok Song)wyświetleń 70K22 dni temu
2:59Polo G - GANG GANG ft. Lil Wayne (Lyrics)


  • عربي لايك

  • Neffex songs is really a great combination to any fighting manga, specially baki vs yujiro

  • listening to this after my bestfriend killed himself. love you Austin and I miss you so much I wish I could’ve stopped it, hope you’re in a better place and I’ll see you again, again love you.

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  • Nice song


  • Kto z tiktoka ? XD

  • i can rap

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  • Song is satan ❤️❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻👾

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  • I like this song dont make me get violent because i love all sojgs

  • i cant even type ths rap how fast its going if i would this would be the rap hrjfhjfhjdhfjdfhfhjdgdugdgidtsyuhdhsfduudhdhdsfdfhdyfgdgufvfhdgdfjgddgjshyfgdhsitshhduydusyydoiey8dydgddjgdhkdhdjhdfhfdhhdkfdhyfiehfehifjdhfohjhhfjfdhhjfjgjfhdfgdyfeuofvdydshuygdhjuytrfvbnjuytdx bhfdchtrvbhyesdedvgyukmnbn juhb njhbnkhgfc dwydy74d45678900654fgkloiuhbnm,lpok,.'[uhmlp98ygbnmkutrfvbnutrfbnju7tgbnju76trfvbhtrtyuwytreqwe679poikjhgfdASDFHJKLLMNBVCVBNMNBCXSHJKIYTRERTYUI

  • Hello everyone I'm Indonesian

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  • 2:12 who else thought a car was behind you

  • 44:00

  • When the tears just won't come out 🥺😭

  • Everybody gansta Until de quite kid sings this in dr back of the class

  • This song is best

  • From tiktok here

  • The best song 2021♥️♥️♥️

  • 0:25

  • 2:36

  • i just woke up with this song in my head and now its stuck there

  • Use headphones for best experience 👍

  • im a girl not a boy

  • me anna used to call now no she moved and maked new frinds but this makes me move everywere

  • Gachatubers: this is the real song came from ha? I thought the song name is papara?

  • and i always play and because the is no sound on my laptop it is broken so i put music on!!!!!!

  • i love these songs they make me move🙅💁🙆🙋🙎💁🙅🙆🙋💑

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  • Hi guys. 🤙💜

  • Im play this song 3mp why my Friends 😂😂😂😂😂

  • this song is really good

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  • Anyone on june 2021 maybe online CLS😜

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  • Thank you for this song. Im in a committed long distance relationship and this song brings back so many memories. We listened to this song while we were at an apartment. I was combing her hair with my fingers for hours and this song was on replay. This song was suggested to me by my heavenly girlfriend. I miss her so much and this song makes soo much sense.

  • I fell swip when I listen this song

  • I used the keywords "Obama have dick" and it worked, I found this.

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  • i feel like i can’t be loved anymore

  • Its inappropriate but its addicting💀

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  • This cover is perfect😻

  • OP make like this songs we will love you

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  • Me: *Playing Roblox while Class is going on* My Dad: *Comes in my Room & saw me play Roblox* Me :

  • Is there anyone right now in june 2021 ? All comments are 2 ,3 yrs before i will always remember this song when someone reply pr comment on my this comment or like in notification ok byee

  • "Love can only lead to regret" i felt that