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2:03Nessa Barrett - Santa Baby [Official Music Video]
Nessa Barrett - Santa Baby [Official Music Video]wyświetleń 1,4M2 miesięcy temu
4:13Nessa Barrett - if u love me [Official Lyric Video]
4:35Nessa Barrett - if u love me [Acoustic Video]
Nessa Barrett - if u love me [Acoustic Video]wyświetleń 611K4 miesięcy temu
4:23Nessa Barrett - if u love me [Official Music Video]
3:20Nessa Barrett - Pain (Kina Remix) [Official Audio]
3:40Nessa Barrett - Pain [Live Acoustic]
Nessa Barrett - Pain [Live Acoustic]wyświetleń 1,5M6 miesięcy temu
3:39Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Lyric Video]
Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Lyric Video]wyświetleń 855K6 miesięcy temu
3:39Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Music Video]
Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Music Video]wyświetleń 11M7 miesięcy temu


  • Ok but like her voice tho!

  • this is soooo good Nessa and Jaden are really talented

  • Yesssss

  • Господа русские. Я знаю вы тут

  • This is way to similar to selfish by Madison Beer

  • This duo is just................WOW LIKE FIRE 🔥 😍❤️

  • I love this song thank u nessa and jaden💞💞✨✨✨✨

  • I’m still kinda bummed about Charlie chase but great job

  • I love you so mush !


  • when Jaden came I was like he took drugs?

  • I was just in the taxi, heard this awesome song and all the time while on the road I was trying to remember some world from the lyrics, and as soon as I came back to my room, I found this video and now can't stop listening to it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wow this is actually really goooood omg adding this to my playlist love it im obsessed 😍🙏 i didn't know these two before (sorry not a tiktok fan) but I must say im glad I do now because they are so talented like soooo sooo much both of them !! Like no words im speachless... and at such young age :o usually young celebrities sing songs about sh** that they didn't even wright and are just pretty faces (no offense and not talking about anyone particular here) but these 2, despite being sooo young, they are an exception ! They know what they're talking about and the music video is just uuuh so beautiful 😇 love it love them this is some real art some real music to listen to 👏👏👏

  • Alright this is actually good I can’t lie

  • I love you jxdn and nessa the song was great

  • this is way better than I ever thought it would be I think I might be a fan of her now.... I already liked Jxdn's music

  • This is literally so much better than all the other tie Tok music and especially with jxdn in it!!!! Love it!

  • i thought this song was going to be crappy cause they are tiktokers but i was 100% wrong... i can see their passion and i’m never gonna prejudge again

  • Can we talk about we can hear the auto tune?

  • woah this is one of my fav songs!

  • 2:33

  • the fact that nessa’s video only gets 9 mill views while dixies gets 100+ mill ...

  • 2:33 wow that scream...

  • I think she is the next big star 🌟

  • dixie watching this 👁👄👁

  • Yessssss

  • Awesome

  • This is Unreal

  • Барабуди разбуди рабудай

  • They are the only tiktokers songs I will listen to I consider them singers anyways

  • You both did 9/10, I just think you can improve the stuff you guys put on for the song.

  • From 8.3 to 9.5 in 2 days😋 Your gonna be a superstar 😉

  • tf

  • nessa and jaden was made for making music, not for tiktok.

  • Nessa: loving me is suicide😔 Dixie: sometimes I don't wanna be happy😖 Chase: I'm a vampire🧛🏻‍♂️ Chari: SoUnDdDdDdD🤪

  • [Intro: jxdn] Okay [Verse 1: Nessa Barrett] Does it rain in California? Only dream I've ever known Will they love you when you're famous? Where you'll never be alone Hope someday I'll find nirvana I'll be looking down below I'll be dead at twenty-seven Only nine more years to go I got a bully in my head Fake love, fake friends I was broken when you left Now you hear me everywhere you go [Chorus: Nessa Barrett] La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah Gonna be a supеrstar Be the girl you used to know Playing on thе radio La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-die Loving me is suicide I'm a dreamer, I'm on fire La-dah-dee, run for your life [Post-Chorus: jxdn] Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Yeah, yeah, I'm jxdn, I'm jxdn [Verse 2: jxdn] Said I'm gonna be a rockstar, yeah, yeah, yeah Told her I don't want a war, yeah, yeah, yeah I don't see me going far, yeah, yeah, yeah That's what happens when I fall apart All of me wants all of you But I'm far away and I can't choose Got a lot of lessons that I need to learn Got a lot of lessons My depression and misconceptions And all the mistakes that lead to lessons My depression, it makes me question My depression, it makes me question [Chorus: Nessa Barrett] La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah Gonna be a superstar Be the girl you used to know Playing on the radio La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-die Loving me is suicide I'm a dreamer, I'm on fire La-dah-dee, run for your life [Bridge: Nessa Barrett] Does it rain in California Where the angels cry for me? Want the drugs that taste like candy And blood diamonds in my teeth (Ah!) [Chorus: Nessa Barrett & jxdn] La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah Gonna be a superstar Be the girl you used to know Playing on the radio La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-die Loving me is suicide I'm a dreamer, I'm on fire La-dah-dee, run for your life (Oh) (Oh) [Outro: Nessa Barrett & jxdn] Yeah, I'm gonna be a superstar

  • I don't usually listen to rock music but this one is a bop

  • I don’t feel like tiktoker is the right name for someone with so much talent


  • Never thought I’d subscribe but there’s a first time for everything

  • Bro Nessa, Jaden and Chase(lilhuddy) deserve more than Dixie

  • I came here with really low expectations but now I’ve got a new song for my playlists

  • Trash

  • This is way better then her other song pain, i love this.

  • I can’t wait for this couple

  • This is a good 🙂❤️


  • 1:05 yo después de ver el capitulo 138 de SNK

  • Hi someone want robux ?

  • I heard this yesterday on the radio and i was happy bc u guys were on the radio.

  • "will they love you when ur famous." -nessa

  • They are no longer,,tiktokers‘‘ I AM REALLY PROUD❤️

  • Каайф..

  • <3

  • She doesn't need autotune the autotune needs her

  • Okay this is actually good

  • Is it just me or does she look like Madison Beer??

  • Snapped!!!

  • THIS is how tiktokers should make songs.

  • this deserves hype tbh

  • Это идеально

  • take notes please pixie

  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️


  • pqp amei muito

  • the purple background looks like bazzi's IFLY background lmao

  • She look like the sisters olsen when they were younger

  • i barely listened to the song but this video is sooooo pleasing to watch

  • They are so good at singing :/ I wish I could. Who else

  • This song is giving me Melanie Martinez vibes


  • Господи, это шикарно, я не могу🥺💖😍🤤

  • If loving her is suicide ... so be it 😭

  • shes already improved so much since this song

  • Soooo is this the gen z music?? cause i really luv this vibes

  • this song came up on the radio today and my mom said “i dont know who is singing this but she sounds great” and then i realized it was nessa😭

  • It’s says ok


  • Oops ...feeling this song with my whole heart and forget to give like ....

  • I fell in love at this song at the first sign.... La da di or la da die ...