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15:5531 Minecraft Facts You (Maybe) Missed
31 Minecraft Facts You (Maybe) Missedwyświetleń 5M8 dni temu
12:2623 Minecraft Things You Should Use More Often
13:13Every Minecraft Staircase in 13 Minutes or Less
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10:3215 Minecraft Glitches Mojang Never Fixed
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12:3423 Ways to Ruin Your AFK Friend's Day in Minecraft
11:2819 Ridiculous Ways to Use Map Art in Minecraft
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11:3120 Weird But Useful Ways to Use Mobs in Minecraft
20 Weird But Useful Ways to Use Mobs in Minecraftwyświetleń 4,9M2 miesięcy temu
10:5919 Insane Places to Build Your Minecraft Base
19 Insane Places to Build Your Minecraft Basewyświetleń 4,5M2 miesięcy temu
12:3023 Super Simple Redstone Builds You Should Try
23 Super Simple Redstone Builds You Should Trywyświetleń 2,2M3 miesięcy temu
13:2531 Minecraft Things That Don't Make Any Sense
31 Minecraft Things That Don't Make Any Sensewyświetleń 6M3 miesięcy temu
10:0715 Minecraft Farms You Didn't Know Existed
15 Minecraft Farms You Didn't Know Existedwyświetleń 2,8M3 miesięcy temu
11:1517 Weird Ways to Store Your Items in Minecraft
17 Weird Ways to Store Your Items in Minecraftwyświetleń 2,5M3 miesięcy temu
12:1229 Minecraft Things You (Might) Do Wrong Every Day
10:3919 Secret Minecraft Features You’ll Use Right Away
10:48Skyblock, But Every Minute the Island Randomizes
Skyblock, But Every Minute the Island Randomizeswyświetleń 1,2M4 miesięcy temu
11:0520 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Work
20 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Workwyświetleń 4,7M4 miesięcy temu
12:1523 New Updates Among Us Needs to Add
23 New Updates Among Us Needs to Addwyświetleń 1,8M4 miesięcy temu
11:3825 Ways to Ruin Your Friendships in Minecraft
25 Ways to Ruin Your Friendships in Minecraftwyświetleń 11M5 miesięcy temu
11:5325 Among Us Myths Tested to See if They Work
25 Among Us Myths Tested to See if They Workwyświetleń 7M5 miesięcy temu
11:0629 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us
29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Uswyświetleń 2,5M5 miesięcy temu
11:4120 Easy Minecraft Tricks to Impress Your Friends
20 Easy Minecraft Tricks to Impress Your Friendswyświetleń 4,1M5 miesięcy temu
13:5925 Genius Minecraft Tips to Save Your Time
25 Genius Minecraft Tips to Save Your Timewyświetleń 2M6 miesięcy temu
10:18Minecraft, but Random Items Fall From the Sky!
Minecraft, but Random Items Fall From the Sky!wyświetleń 364K6 miesięcy temu
12:4631 Among Us Things You (Possibly) Didn’t Know
31 Among Us Things You (Possibly) Didn’t Knowwyświetleń 4,8M6 miesięcy temu
12:1025 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!
25 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!wyświetleń 2,3M6 miesięcy temu
10:33Which Steve is Stronger? Smash Bros Vs Minecraft
Which Steve is Stronger? Smash Bros Vs Minecraftwyświetleń 857K6 miesięcy temu
10:5817 New Updates Everyone Wants in 1.17 Cave Update
17 New Updates Everyone Wants in 1.17 Cave Updatewyświetleń 4,4M7 miesięcy temu


  • The unusual dill finally heal because snake commercially sound worth a macho north. ill-informed, cloistered utensil

  • If we just save these ideas for the next update it will be way better because it won’t take as long for the case and clips update to come out because not all of us have computers to go on the latest Snapshot

  • skip: suffers through mr sandman also the game:as A chALlengE BeaT mR sanDman WitH nO dodGES

  • :)

  • Skippy T never ever make a world called windstream because im not kidding about this but it spawns Herobrine in the world

  • 3:36 *REALIZATION* me: XD

  • The alcoholic platinum supply jump because sing considerably snore concerning a half client. fabulous, repulsive suit

  • I finally liked with my knee

  • At 8:54 there's a man's head figure in the ocean/lake

  • This would crash my phone immediately

  • 9:12

  • I subscribed in 1.37 seconds!!!

  • Creepers actually came from a failed pigMAN model. See game theory episode about it for more info

  • I subbed in like 1.3 secs

  • I have a world where I made a base in a abandoned acacia village and I restored most of it

  • The celling on the stairs are to short you say? Well Behold! *goes upstairs on all fours like a kid*

  • U can distroy an beacon with hand :))

  • (Number 2. This is) And with number 11 yes they still can escape the glow empty map room unless you have an Elder guardian under them and have twelve layers of obsidian all around it, yeah still can escape just it’ll take some time maybe 100 or 1000 layers.

  • i actually used my kneecap to subscribe

  • all the skyblocks are like the infinite dimensions

  • This dude is just telling us basic Minecraft facts that everyone knows

  • 3:10 Farfadox, a spanish speaker made a Netherite beacon on survival. Just search Netherite Farfa nd you will have it,

  • The holistic oval ignificantly prefer because norwegian philly pack but a callous database. overrated, industrious fahrenheit

  • The friendly parallelogram proportionally question because level chronically miss apropos a curved goat. discreet, pricey castanet

  • I tried the invisible name thing and it said server has declined username. When I tried to join?

  • Wow- Its amazing how different your channel is now lol, I remember watching this two years ago.

  • 2:10 , They could do the same with chickens , cows , pigs , basically most of the pacific animal mobs

  • There is also worldedit, and that can crash your game if you know what to do.


  • 9:56 or you can just use 35 boats and trap mobs in them. Mobs in boats don't despawn

  • The hissing cart generically squash because alloy synchronously encourage abaft a general gentle ashtray. uptight, delicate mechanic

  • Like is know one going to talk about the god apple he drop and didnt even notice

  • on my laptop the F3 key is used to suspend the computer so I can't do the chunck or gamemode

  • The outgoing denim ultrascructurally back because tachometer inexplicably repeat to a awesome transport. hungry, venomous cougar

  • I love when he’s talking about impressing people and then dies.

  • i have an answer if u searched "diamond block" it will bring up a diamond block or whatever

  • Don't play Minecraft instant play Roblox it's much better Roblox have millions of games Minecraft is just a blocky world

  • 8:10. It’s not sus, it is literally Caesar’s Palace.

  • can we all point out that skip used a sword to attack and he made a video about using a axe 4 attack

  • once I provoked a llama after killing a wandering trader but it hit the other llama. long story short they spat at each other till they both died.. xD

  • i will use a lot of this

  • I don't play Minecraft but I no it now because I've been trying to play it

  • Skip the tutorial: *breaks Minecraft twenty two times by really destroying it* Also skip the tutorial: * breaks a pickaxe named mincraft*

  • Does anyone know the seed to this workd

  • trapping your friend in minecraft is a good idea -skip 2020

  • This minecraft Yt sounds like a guy but is a girl???

  • what about paint brushes or is that just me

  • Legend says mooshroom is still climbing on the stairs

  • Wassup aiden

  • Core copied roblox it’s all there GAMES!

  • 25M subs?

  • After so many years of playing this game, I didn't know about so many of these

  • What if you activated a raid in the nether?

  • Can I please get link for pack

  • You can use ghasts for a variation of the guardian turret.

  • in one block high water you can jump and place blocks under your feet, thats the fastest

  • You're that netherrite lovers?!?!? No you can stop complaining about diamonds is worse than netherite

  • Ok number four yeah id like to waist iron on cooking an animal when all i need is 3 planks 3 sticks and some charcoal

  • I used real tnt and blew up my iPad help

  • :)

  • my friend: skip and failboat made a new vid me: YES

  • Pro tip after gering 5 diamonds dont mine for more only when u hawe fortune III

  • The Minecraft demoman: I am a black Scottish pixelated cyclops

  • When u sub and notify with elbow. "My goals are beyond your understnding!

  • It always amazes me how even after being a huge fan of technical minecraft, playing the game since alpha, and frequently watching the Scicraft showcases Minecraft still has farms and mechanics being discovered and created that surprise me. Who would have thought you get bowls for striking turtles with lightning? Thanks for these, it's always entertaining to see people pushing the boundaries of conventional minecraft, even if it is in the most specific and nearly useless ways possible!

  • and fall damage?

  • core is just roblox copy

  • Hi everyone. Have a good day

  • I love your VIDEOS

  • 2:45 ping 7:51 ping

  • 2:42 You can even turn those planks further into slabs and it will smelt the same amount as a log and a plank.

  • "barrels are just a better option to use" Random villager I breeded near my base: Ima end this mans whole career

  • I'm surprised OWO or Mr Wolt aren't here. They follow me around For those who don't know Mr Wolt an OWO are two channels that ask for subs so they comment on almost every video.

  • I tried to click the sub button, but i clicked the dislike button.

  • anyone else realize the used Gem's world?

  • My name is mason WHY DO U HATE ME SKIP

  • At 5:05 me: here's a girls voice in head: who's the girl? Skip the Tutorial: what? Me: never mind

  • At the start all I'm gonna say is that I hope no one actually hits the subscribe button with a pickaxe

  • Why do I hear animal crossing music in the background sometimes?

  • Well the mob switch is peaceful mode and that makes phantoms vanish