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3:22As Not Seen On TV: Casemiro vs Sevilla
As Not Seen On TV: Casemiro vs Sevillawyświetleń 6KDzień temu
5:22¿El fútbol de antes o el de ahora?
¿El fútbol de antes o el de ahora?wyświetleń 5K8 dni temu
3:42Lo que el ojo no ve: El regreso de Eden Hazard
3:27As Not Seen On TV: Hazard vs Osasuna
As Not Seen On TV: Hazard vs Osasunawyświetleń 12K8 dni temu
1:37Explosive brawl at the end of Monaco vs Lyon
2:42Wenger: "PSG mentally collapsed against City"
3:13#beINAlDia - El Chelsea dejó vivo al Madrid
3:23As Not Seen On TV: Marco Asensio against Getafe
5:53Is The European Super League Happening?
Is The European Super League Happening?wyświetleń 102K22 dni temu


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  • first

  • Of course he did . Why would he do anything else ? Opponents are opponents, when he played for Barca against Liverpool.. same story Bro

  • I thought he was gonna bite Pique honestly

  • 2:25 Just look at this, then you'll regret saying that Suarez playing against his teammates hardly...

  • 🧲🧲🧲

  • Que pesao loco

  • This is Luis Suarez!

  • That league got some super good defense

  • the fact that real Madrid are winning more in the camp nou without Ronaldo well actually winning more classicos

  • Most passionate footballer in the game❤

  • I sink dependz

  • A snake oil salesman? Wtf

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  • VARcelona


  • Suarez should have been banned from the pitch a long time ago

  • Te amo anita Cobos

  • He got forced out of the club

  • This is how he plays usually

  • And now's he's gonna win the league with atletico. Biggest slap on barca's management.

  • Professionalism.

  • Levante’s 2nd goal was beautiful. Good play.


  • Why does it sound like I’m watch National Geographic with this narrator’s voice


  • 2:14 lol

  • It’s a really close title race and that game could of decided who was going to win the league

  • The goal by Granada is what happens on FIFA when the game will not be denied a goal and gets a ridiculously convenient deflection 😆. I’ve been saying for almost 2 seasons that Marcelo can’t run anymore and it’s sad to see, but Miguel is the future!

  • He was never a snake(moves) in barca. Messi would never allow someone to play like that and he acted accordingly but is the same little snake and good striker.

  • 💔

  • It’s professionalism.

  • It's been like 6 years since Pique should be out of Barcelona...

  • A eso se le llama profesionalismo, no importa que sean tus amigos fuera de la cancha , dentro de ella son otro rival

  • What a load of SHITE

  • The exact opposite of hazard... why I love him as a player

  • What He is gonna stop playing bcz its his old team He is a pro

  • I didn’t see a bite?

  • Messi suareź 😭😭😭😭

  • Jules Kounde is needed at Manchester United

  • "Well of course he does, that's his job" -Roy Keane

  • El leon se sacude la melena y despierta de su siesta! ⬛️🟨⬛️🟨

  • Ray Hudson is such a messi simp

  • That's why we kick him, toxic player.

  • I thought he bit somebody

  • “THHuarez!!!”

  • 3 minutes that i won't get back

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  • Koeman did a bad job by terminating Suarez's contract 😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • watching Suarez ball out to athelti is so sad coz deep down he never wanted to leave

  • Any other footballer: "Get off me." Suarez: "Stop being a snake oil salesman."

  • So he is a bitch whoever he plays. How commenable!

  • Cheating scumbag

  • What's on the pitch, stays on the pitch.

  • No shit. Every footballer plays hard against his ex team. It could also be a bigger motivation to show what barca is missing on