Every Pixar Movie Ranked

Opublikowany 27 lut 2021
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Schaff likes some Pixar movies! Except the ones he doesn't like!
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  • I dont understand mu like didn't they meet when they were very young or something

  • I love Cars, but it is a bit over-hyped.

  • Toy Story 1 had the best voice acting. Tom Hanks is just talking in the next 3, not voice acting.

  • 22:55 great legosi ref. Lol

  • 25:25 Toy Story 🤠 24:01 A Bug’s Life 🐜🐛🐞🕷 50:19 Toy Story 2 🤠 48:02 Monsters, Inc. 31:23 Finding Nemo 🐟🐠 53:38 The Incredibles 9:47 Cars 🚗🚓🏁 52:55 Ratatouille 🐀👨‍🍳 43:56 WALL-E 🤖❤️🤖 30:13 Up 🎈 🏠 46:13 Toy Story 3 🤠🤠🤠 1:20 Cars 2 🚗🚓🏁 3:45 Brave 🐻🧸 17:57 Monsters University 🏫🧑‍🏫 34:04 Inside Out 🟡🔵🟣🟢🔴 😊😭😱🤢😡 3:45 The Good Dinosaur 🦖🦕 27:35 Finding Dory 🐟🐠🎣 21:47 Cars 3 🚗🚓🏁 42:01 Coco 🎶🎵🎼🎤 13:55 Incredibles 2 36:53 Toy Story 4 🤠🤠🤠🤠 11:15 Onward 🪄🦄🧞‍♀️🧚‍♀️ 40:31 Soul

  • Toy Story magnum opus: Toy Story 3

  • I love the rest of your videos :D, but you kinda ruined most of my childhood with this one XD

  • As a petrolhead I can feel and see all the heart put into the Cars 3. It's a geniuinely good and enjoyable movie for me, even though it's pretty flawed in many ways. It's just that it radiates good, warm energy for someone like me, making me appreciate it more than most. And then there's Cars 2, which is literally the opposite in every way. I hate it even more than most because I'm a car guy.

  • I liked cars 2 😅

  • As much as I like love Toy Story 2, Coco, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Inside Out (the one I relate to the most), Wall-E will always remain as number 1.

  • me, who cant cry in movies

  • The person that sits next to (WHO IS IN 9TH GRADE BTW NOT A VERY YOUNG CHILD) LOVES Cars 2

  • I love cars i wached it like 120 times as a kid

  • I'm not joking when I say I legitimately didn't see the villain twist in Incredibles 2 coming. I also didn't know Evelin's full name spelled evil endeavor.

  • I like cars 2 it was my childhood :( but amazing video

  • Ratatouille is great except for when Remy decides to eat strawberry and cheese together like that must taste terrible

  • Brave was decent ok? Hold your tongue!

  • Here's my rating of each one (That I've seen): Toy Story: 8/10 (Great First Film) Toy Story : 8/10 (Excellent sequel, better than the original) Monsters, Inc: 9/10 (Hilarious classic) Finding Nemo: 7/10 (Hilarious but has its flaws) The Incredibles: 10/10 (Amazing) Cars: 1/10 (I was never into it) Ratatouille: 10/10 (I adore this movie and its characters) Wall-E: 10/10 (Masterpiece) Up: 8/10 (Have to say, other than married life, this one doesn't have much going for it) Toy Story 3: 7/10 (Good film, good sequels, doesn't beat the originals) Cars 2: 0/10 (no) Monsters University: 5/10 (Boring movie, decent message) Inside Out: 8.5/10 (Some people found the characters to be annoying, but I really liked them) Coco: 8/10 (Bit controversial, but I liked Inside Out more, still a great movie) Toy Story 4: 4/10 (Woody and Buzz's character has been ruined) Soul: 9/10 (Amazing but come on Pixar, even Bing-Bong's sacrifice held more weight) Top 5: 1. Ratatouille It's just a really comforting movie to watch, I can't describe it. I have rewatched Ratatouille to death. I can quote many lines from the movie. I adore its pacing, the charcters, the humour, it's introspective messages, Ego's review at the end, the bittersweet ending itself. 2. The Incredibles What's not to love? It's a fun-filled superhero movie as well as an interesting family drama. I debated between putting this or Wall-E at the second spot but I absolutely adore this movie so I can't place it any lower. 3.Wall-E Honestly this top 3 is interchangable for me, either one of these three can take the top spot. If you haven't seen Wall-E I highly recommend it. 4.Monsters, Inc This film is here mostly because of nostalgia. This was my introduction to Pixar films and damn it, I love this film. Mike and Sully are such an amazing duo and it's a shame that Monsters University was not that good because I would have loved to see more of these two 5.Soul A great movie with a great message, Inside Out would have taken this spot, but Soul tackles it's theme so effectively that I cannot for the life of me not include it. My only real issue is the ending, and I can't really criticize it without spoiling the movie. Just remember that it could make or break the entire movie for you. Bottom 3 (I haven't watched that many Pixar films, the once I did watch were really good so I could only really pick out three movies I dislike): 16. Cars 2 Sometimes I pretend this movie never exists, even as a kid I disliked the Cars franchise and this film didn't do any favour to it. 15. Cars Same opinion as Cars 2. I was never into it 14. Toy Story 4 I have heard that some people really like this movie as a conclusion to Woody's story arc. On the contrary I really dislike this movie for essentially ruining Woody's character. If the Toy Story 4 Woody was the same character in Toy Story 2, he would have gone to Japan with Stinky Pete, with no hesitation. Buzz was also very badly written and completely pushed off to the side. If you liked this movie that's fine by me, it's just that this feels like a nostalgic cash grab rather than something with effort poured in.

  • Honestly brave was a good film and honestly I like it more than toy story 3 and 4

  • this is actually a really solid list i’m ngl

    • the Up slander kinda hurt my soul but still i can agree on almost everything else lol

  • As for MU, if you relate heavily to something that’s mediocre, well...

  • the first toy story may have good animation for the time it was released but MY.GOD. THE HUMANS (and sid's dog) LOOKED LIKE DEMONS and don't get me started on the traumatization of sid that was just greatly horrifying.

  • the incredibles is the best fantastic four movie

  • Fun fact, the rest version of woody was the villian.

  • I have to argue I thought cars 2 was ok as a kid and I grew up with cars


  • Wait, you're introverted!?

  • Monsters University was shite

  • Joy is thought as a villain because shes female. There. I said it.

  • Brave gets so much hate for no reason

  • Cars 2 the game was ironically the best Pixar game.

  • "The purple guy isnt scary, he looks like a goofy-ass muppet, I would laugh out loud if he attempted to scare me--" I concur, mainly cuz he's also voiced by Charlie Day, who is too damn likable in his goofiness -(also also, for God's sake, Hollywood, give Charlie more VA roles, all he has is Benny and Art, and he deserves so much more)-

  • Incredibles 1 remastered

  • I have to admit I hate Cars 2 but I like what they tried

  • I really love finding Dory I remember when I watch this movie on Disney+ I actually remember crying in that scene where Dori reunite with her parents and it was just so tearjerking and I’m gonna watch it on Thursday on freeform and reply back to me if you guys are gonna watch that movie on freeform it’s going to start on April twenty second and going to start at eight o’clock to ten o’clock p.m.

  • You should express yourself more respectful I think

  • 12:18 i hear zelda wind waker in the background noice !

  • I'm confused, isn't arlo blue and fuzzy and adorable?

  • I saw that single frame of lego - shi at 22:55 ....

  • 22:54 ...shaff don't make me ask for a Beastars review

  • Character:*screams* Schaff and his editing crew: gAnGsTeR's PaRaDiSe BaBeY!!

  • Brave is not as bad as Good Dinosaur imo. It may be because I have a soft spot for the medieval-esque atmosphere and lore but I just enjoyed it more.

  • Shows that are longer running than Simpsons and Spongebob Thomas the Tank Engine Sesame Street Muppets Scooby Doo Tom and Jerry Mickey Mouse Felix the Cat And more

    • I'm honestly ok with Thomas running for so many years because it has explored so many concepts

  • 27:57 Is this Kirby's Epic Yarn, Water land, Deep Dive Deep ost? Since when do you do you know this game, Schaffrillas? I n e e d a n s w e r s, Schraffrillas. (Yes I like this game too much)

  • I just realized that mike's whole body is being blocked just like in the movie

  • While monsters university has its flaws, it for sure is one of my personal favorite films Pixar has released, just cause I feel it really is a well done, and smart prequel. It sets almost everything up pretty great for the next Monsters Inc, and the emotional battle of this movie hits me in the face like a ton of bricks.

  • The Incredibles really is just something that Disney is never going to make again. Such a perfect cast, and such a gripping story that has almost 0 flaws in it. Even though we as the audience aren’t superhero’s with intense powers, the struggles they go through hit us hard, and for some of us, directly speak to our lives. What it’s like to move on, to understand that while you may have had great times as a younger person, you can still have good times as an adult. And that no matter what, you will always have people you love and can rely on. It boggles my mind to this day how intensely complex this film is, while also being called a “children’s movie”

  • Man did he did the 1st cars movie bad

  • you telling me now that Brave could have been (possibly) Prince of Egypt levels of good?? with Lion King level writing?? we lost...

  • no bro for real brave is a great movie

    • @Fã de Sewaddles idk I think I like cause I watched it a lot in my childhood

    • I don't like it, you can like it but i think this movie is boring and doesn't looks like a pixar movie.

  • hot take, but i think Soul is the most unique movie that disney has ever made. the old movies tell a story of surviving through struggle, the new movies tell a story of chasing your dreams. but Soul tells a story of appreciating what you have, something I've actually never seen in any movie, ever. idk I think it's the most timeless thing they'll ever put out

  • The wheel in wall-e is a GLaDOS wanna-be (Edit: visually, that is. GLaDOS is written completely different)

  • Im sorry but cars 1 is the best pixar movie by far

    • In my opinion it is good to pass time, but nothing else, when i watch this movie i just start questioning why are they cars.

  • I don’t agree with Ratatouille being number 2

  • 1:19 my mom describing me to her friends

  • You know, if Brave was made by the original director maybe it would have been better. What Pixar did to their first (and only?) female director disgusts me.

  • 6:57 OOPS!

  • Funny... I rank "Inside Out" at first place and "Soul" on second. For me "Inside Out" was by far the best Pixar Movie ever. The Idea alone is so great it hovers above anything else. Also... I disagree with "Onward" at the lower ranks placed here. I liked "Onward" very much because it tells a funny and good story, and I didn't find the voice of the elder brother so annoying, no way. So... everyone will have their own ranks I guess.

  • 17:25 Pixar is owned by Disney, Disney hard appeals to China, China is hella racist and homophobic... People who doubt me, China is literally committing genocide with a concentration camp...

  • There's only one good thing about Cars 2 POPE CAR

  • 42:24 I didn’t cry.

  • This video is more popular than watchmojos Pixar ranking!

  • I am really sad that brave is so low on the list

  • "Just give me my lesbian super heroes Pixar" has got to be my favourite quote from this entire video.

  • Ratatouille should be number 1

  • 3:45

  • Anyone waiting for an Incredibles 3?

  • Me who actually likes cars 2 and brave: 😐

    • that was your mistake!

  • Thing is tho about Cars 2, is that you could seriously watch Cars and then Cars 3 and still understand it.

  • Me watching this and cars two is my fav cars movie:

  • I don't know man, I really liked Brave as a kid... but I also didn't hate Cars 2 soooooooo my opinion probably has no standing.

  • 23: cars 2 22: brave 21: good dinosaur 20: cars 19: Ownward 18: incredibles 2 17: monsters university 16: cars 3

  • Here is my ranking: 23-Cars 2 22-Cars 21-A Bug's Life 20-Brave 19-Onward 18-The Good Dinosaur 17-Cars 3 16-Wall-E 15-Monsters University 14-Finding Dory 13-Incredibles 2 12-Monsters Inc 11-Ratatouille 10-Toy Story 9-Toy Story 4 8-Finding Nemo 7-Up 6-Coco 5-Toy Story 2 4-The Incredibles 3-Toy Story 3 2-Inside Out 1-Soul

  • 18:49 😅😂😂 Great picture schaff!!!

  • 17:57 music?

  • 6:24 I am subscribing

  • Cars 2 is good it’s a bit better than cars 1 and cars 3 sucks it’s fun besides toy story and incredibles I think it’s the best Pixar sequel

  • how can you rate cars 20 its more like in top 5

  • 14:37 ew those guys (If you get why ur cool)

  • The America doll you showed I actually own

  • I think Cars 2 is the best Pixar Movie by far! And by best I mean it’s the worst thing ever

  • 47:36 The other mother: allow me to introduce myself

  • i haven’t even watched toy story 4 because toy story 3 was just the perfect end for toy story in general.

  • the reason i dont like most pixar movies is BECAUSE THEY ARENT TOY STORY 2 FIGHT ME

  • I'm gonna have to disagree with your placement of cars 1

  • Um... I liked cars 2 but I agree its the best example of how not to do a sequel but I dont think its a bad movie, its probably just my nostalgia talking tho

  • … why are you spelling out WHOIS? It's literally “who is”.

  • My grandmas favorite Disney/Pixar movie (out of 11-12) is Up because her husband died around 11 month before we watched it

  • Yes every one. We must remember “The worst storm is a biblical one”

  • After lightyear I feel like Disney is gonna force a live action remake of toy story, I mean they are pretty much almost done with their most iconic films, so now its time to do the same but with pixar

  • Ok we all love Varrick, right

  • not gonna lie i thot brave was gonna be last

  • POV: you’re reading this comment

  • ;-; so dam UP not even passing half the runtime has made me your new enemy

  • Up should have been told like slumdog millionaire. Don't tell us his whole backstory at the start. Tease us. Scatter it throughout the film. Maybe he finds a tea set which was gifted to him at his wedding, cue wedding scene. Then we could be pulled along more and more until we see the tragic scene and finally understand why he loves the house. Bit like the slay rosebud.

    • That would have ruined the memorable and best thing from the movie.

  • im the sick person who thinks cars 2 is the best cars movie

  • I think the reason I liked cars 2 as a kid was because I grow up with James Bond and cars

  • Ok there is so much wrong in his list. Ok why would he put the original cars so far down the list he roasts cars two witch is fair but also roasts the original cars? That’s like roasting rise of Star Wars but hating a new hope. He also said cars 3 was all about racing but that’s what cars one was for. Palms springs was great addition because it showed character development and made lightning a better character and a better driver it was critical for the script we would not have doc without Palm Springs . Incredibles 2 would be perfect if they had a better antagonist did not add those stupid super heros . I do agree with his first pick being incredibles but I would put the original cars hot third and ratatouille definitely deserved second. One thing I never thought of but is completely true is that the incredibles is the best super hero movie.

    • @Owen Noll lol, what the hell does my name got to with anything? And for someone who claims that you respect other people's opinions, you don't really show it. Also, in the landscape of opinions, there's also something called "a rebuttal", which you've apparently got a problem with

    • And frankly I don’t give a shit about what you think my opinion should be about car’s especially from a guy named Morten

    • Bro since when we’re there no such things as opinions I respect your opinion but for me I grew up watching cars and I think it is a great movie even top three Pixar movies in my opinion

    • @Owen Noll You're calling the car version of "Doc Hollywood" an animated icon? I guess Seltzer and Friedberg's movies are comedic icons then

    • Wait and hold up let’s talk about that profile pic. Why you swimming in that murky ass pond. I’m starting to not take you seriously.

  • Onward, I have the same name, same thoughts about driving, two brothers, I'm younger, and I have an annoying sister that sometimes embarrasses me, yet I STILL can't relate to how Ian acts and reacts to things. The bridge; makes sense I'd be worried too, the gas can thing; I'd get annoyed too, and I'm introverted, mostly. Yet, I can quickly formulate sentences to say to people on the go (though sometimes the ability fails), I quickly got comfortable driving my sister's car, and I can calm myself down in a minute or two. and know people are gonna be like, "he's dealing with stuff," or "He's more introverted," and ya know what I have to say to that, your right I just wanted to voice what I felt about it.