Tom Holland Shows Off His Viral Pants-less Look for Virtual Interviews | The Tonight Show

Opublikowany 23 lut 2021
Tom Holland talks about doing press virtually, shooting the next Spider-Man film in Atlanta and his upcoming film Cherry.
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Tom Holland Shows Off His Viral Pants-less Look for Virtual Interviews | The Tonight Show


  • It's weird not hearing everyone laugh along....

  • Why he is so handsome?!


  • He has the most sexiest legs I've ever seen. He is amazingly talented and gorgeous. Love Tom so much 😊

  • Wow.. Tom, very interesting

  • the mcu cinematic universe 😭

  • I love Tom haha

  • i love him so much man

  • gotta wear socks, ya never know when people will sell your feet pics on the internet...

  • How spoilt a part of the movie

  • Tom you’re so Fucking sexy 🤤🤤🤤😍

  • Tom is sooooooooo cute

  • He's adorable 🤣 and hilarious! It's crazy 🤣

  • 🥺🔥🤤

  • 3:27 tom...... "mcu cinematic universe"

  • Omg I love tom holland

  • That's so funny 🤣

  • I’m surprised he didn’t read from the script to us.

  • I didn’t realise in the movie cherry that he didn’t have a name until he mentioned it now

  • He's _finally_ starting to look his age

  • This fit goes har

  • He is telling everything in the movie but he says he wants people to him things 🤣

  • He really does look 15 yrs old


  • Who else didn’t know that Tom was British 🙋🏾‍♀️

  • 1:25 killed me😂😂

  • just clicked on this video to see his legs.

  • HE JUST SPOILED IT. Tom can't stop spoiling movies

  • I just saw chaos walking btw. I recommend

  • He has really sexy legs. I love Tom. He's amazing xx

  • Tom kudo abe

  • Jimmy laughing for the amount of spoilers he is getting. But I do think he is just saying lies. The new technique is not saying anything to Tom but giving him a fake script

  • I think young mr Holland would like to show a lot more!

  • Tom is maturing a lot. In Infinity War he was not even allowed to watch the movie.

  • You know what’s funny he looks like he ate a whole bunch of bees but yet he’s so adorable Tom.

  • Tormo.remedio.pra.dormi


  • Amor voce Tom Holland amor demais

  • 'I haven't really spoiled anything' one minute later ' he gets flipped upside down, spiderman flips him upside down...' Marvel directors: Not this again 😬

  • 5:14 Anthony Mackie and Sebastian won't be happy about this😂 now he has 3 assistants I guess cuz that's his third movie😂(they're bullying that kid cuz he beat them in Captain America civil war and he killed Lee(Sebastian) in the devil all the time😂I'm joking they're friends)

  • 4:58 he just did the most unatural looking winks i've ever seen

  • when im online school:

  • Tom holland is so cool he is so so so so so good he rocks the best

  • Oh my god why is he so likeable he is so amazing😭😭

  • How about those muscles yum

  • First Timothee Chalamet, now Tom Holland takes part in independent movies about addiction issues as well. that's good !

  • Why do you have socks on then . " " Because its cold " Me : why do you have no pants on when its cold

  • god i love that man

  • Tom I have become a trust worthy avenger them telling him stuff him spoils

  • 2:20 actually he admitted that he barely knows something about the plot of Spider-Man no way home in a interview for a Megazine(Germany Esquire) 😂😂😂 he didn't read the whole script he only knows his lines like he did in Avengers Infinity war and Avengers Endgame

  • Tom: "I haven't really ever spoiled anything" Also Tom at 3:47 : spoils Harry's cameo

  • 1:16 god his fake laugh gives me second hand embarrassment

  • My God, his cherry Movie My God, I've never seen such a wonderful story and the mind blowing acting of his. Hats off to Tom Holland.

  • why is his laugh so cute

  • I fell in love with him more when he said “frustrating” baby I’ll beat them up for you don’t worry about it sweetheart 🥺💘💘💘

  • “Yeah cuz it’s cold.”

  • He's so naive

  • I am a big fan of Spider-Man and I can’t believe that he virtually goes to meetings in his undies

  • Tom holland has a very big heart, he has changed my pointe of view on a lot of. different things and made me want to chase after my dreams I am so grateful that God put him on earth because without him I would be lost. Thank You Tom

  • I love when he shows his legs and I’m like WTH why did he do that?

  • He’s fucking adorable

  • 🌎💚🌎

  • 4:12 he just automatically switched to an American accent ❤

  • He's like my dream, he is way better than I'd ever have expected . :'D

  • After watching so many Avengers and Spiderman movies, I fel like Tom's British accent is an act.

  • Cutest

  • is it just me or does tom holland look like peter parker from the new spider man xD

  • 1:19 YES TOM YES!

  • Can we just take a moment appreciate his goddamn acting in this movie and his choice to come out from mcu and make such a difficult role like this, just to create awarness about this socially-degrading issue? I can see a bright future of his...

  • We actually do that in Philippines

  • I'm not sure what's worse... Jimmy's fake laughing and constant interrupting to speak about himself, or how little he's paying attention between 8:00 - 8:20.

  • He is so cute and sweet!!

  • Its very funny with Tom ´s hot legs and cold foods

  • My favourite person in the world 💙

  • I forgot- I forgot I thought I was Batman for a moment. I think Tom has an unhealthy obsession with Batman. 😂🦇


  • his legs are more muscular than the rock✨

  • is he stoned af?

  • OMG...

  • I bet at least half the females out there are hairier than Tom Holland lmaoo and he doesn’t even shave

  • I hope you have an awesome day

  • hot

  • Toms explanation for the socks! is my explanation when I wear shorts, but wear 2 pair of socks. But also complain it is cold 🙂 thank you for doing that tom, now I'll just save that exact part and play that!

  • I think that Tom is used intentionally to spoil stuff cause that gets people hyped up.

  • spoiler man

  • Tom is just too cute

  • He looks more and more like Orlando Bloom.

  • So basically the Russo brothers abusing Tom was the key to success for this movie

  • This click bait worked and didn't disappoint 👏

  • Tom has nice legs. :)

  • I heard some rumours that Tom Holland isn’t going to be Spider-Man anymore? 🤔

  • Omg he's so sweet !

  • Jimmy: "Hey you know what interesting? I was noticing You don't wear pants, but you do wear socks, though. " Tom: "Yeah, cuz it's cold" I'm dead 😂😂😂

  • Fallen adopting the Harry styles look

  • I love Tom Holland

  • Now Tom has stretch marks all over his body.

  • Fallon looks like a candy cane.

  • 2:43 HMMMM tom looking a bit sus their

  • Damn Tom is so handsome

  • It would be really cool and fun to see all 3 spidermen in one film like the multiverse =)