Opublikowany 18 lut 2021
Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) available 3.26.21.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


  • Did Eminem sign him

  • I love your music I play it at anytime on my Alexa it’s amazing ❤️❤️

  • Eminem: I'm beginning to fell like a rap God NF: Your my inspiration Few months later PLtools: NF one of the BEST rappers!

  • This guy is 🔥 NF u never disappoint man

  • Nf was first time very good impression but now feel same and later boring

    • ? 😂😂

  • 1:12 loved it when he tried to high five that girl, and she just left him hanging lol

  • didnt say "one" curse word. respectfully destroying the game

  • Fuccckkkkkkkkkk , this is sooo goood!!!!😍❤️

  • Something that has no cuss words, now i don't need to listen to lil pump and 6ix9ine for curing raps.

  • 2:37 he really needed that water

  • Nothing against NG cause he fire and on a different level. But Eminem is that white boy that changed shit forever

    • @Nellbae 😂

    • @Nikki me either but yet there it is

    • Not sure why you felt the need to tell all of us this lol

  • This is trash

    • Salty and dumb comment alert 😂😂😂

  • Where are the balloons?! Where is the cart?!

  • the fridge in the middle of the field...

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The fact that car scene is real amaze me

  • "CLOUDS" broke the whole rap world😈💨

  • It's best music

  • He look like Eminem

  • So many people know this guy but so many people never heard anything of him. Kinda blows my mind.

  • Türkler ses verin 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • The Next Eminem 🌄

  • Take the stocking cap off, you have the face for main stream, you don’t need to wear a stocking cap, just keep making amazing music. I wanna hear more “Nate”.

  • We want a "behind the scenes" video

    • He has a behind scene part that shows car scene on his IG account. We do not have a full behind the scenes though.

  • Skinny Pete got Bars!

  • *every teachers life*

  • The people that disliked are probably braindead or from Australia


  • NF is the most under rated rapper in the game.

  • It's harder to deal with mental health issues than to act out because of them and scare loved ones. Take the path of the warrior and be strong. Do it for yourself, love yourself enough. Even if you walk through hell every day walk in beauty. Small steps start the journey. Peace

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • These people are like "Damn dude! You don't know how to control teleportation yet?"

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • The best 👍💯

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • Hands down his best song.

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • This. Is. FIRE!💥 I just wish he did more collabs with artists like Lacrae, KB, Bizzle, 116, Derek Minor, Funky, Redimi2, tommy royale etc... the list is endless

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • Damn man, this have some "change" vibes, awesome

  • I just realized it says "clouds the mixtape" in the beginning. I kept wondering what it was saying!

    • @Nikki All love here 🥰 no worries

    • @MisterGhostFoot hey no problem I probably looked rude myself not meaning too at all 😀

    • @Nikki sorry if I came off as mean or anything. Now I love the idea of it being both 😁

    • @MisterGhostFoot eh you never know 😀

    • @Nikki I hear what you're talking about after looking it up but it does legit sound like "clouds the mixtape" going forward. Maybe that was his plan 😲

  • This is like a movie/music video

  • Jesus bless you

  • Nf🖤❤💪

  • Really sick lyrics admiring your talent to make music come alive :) Dutch fan

  • He is like eminem

  • Your music is suck keep it up bro

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • The videographer! 🙌🏾💯🎯

  • 1:38 ain’t no way she picked up a butter knife...

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • My music teacher is my English teacher so she gonna love the vocabulary in the start

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • Wow that was something else man I'm hyped as hell 😂

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • My man is undervalued ♦️

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • hello. i really like this song for some reason

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • “Ripping the teeth out of the back of my mouth is the closest you’ll get to my wisdom” Speechless.

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • How come my grocery store doesn't have an extremely talented artist like NF come up to my cart??!! WTF STOP & SHOP???!! 😛🎤🎵🎶😍💜💋💋

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • ⬅️when you make a dope chorus on a 📱

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • you are the best

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • 15th of June

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • 28th of august

  • thank god you aint those mumble rappers

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • best influence for people who want to be rapers

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh,

  • Can't verbally explain how much I love this

    • ♟🔥This kid definitely deserves your SU🅱️ #NFNjosh.

  • Hey “real NF” its the “real MH” lets break some rules or bread or fix some things that are broke.

  • People say that this music is stupid and dumb but it is a musical miricle.

  • This song is fire. I think he's real. I think he's got a sense of humor and I LOVE his videos. So glad I jumped on the journey. Waiting for the mixtape.

  • Rockstar Games:- Only we can create mess on highways NF:- Hold my beer

  • It’s crazy that I’m 1 million of these views.

  • Y'all seeing all these metaphors ? 🦇🥶

  • Y’all need to go check out Saint Mesus remix of this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I feel bad that i am listening to this for free

  • 1 week, 10 mill views. I expect nothing less

  • I just want to say FU NF but Nate I'm probably your biggest fan... I Hope you make it Hollywood... Coz currently you are the most inspirational rapper ever... I can even go as far as to say.. the best I've heard... There guys with fast flows and insane rhymes and stuff but they got nothing on you Nate... You're phenomenal

  • My screen just burnt!

  • I love nf


  • 🔥🔥🖤🖤

  • "Ripping the teeth, out of the back of mouth, the closest you get to my wisdom" Am I the only one who heard this. SHEEEESSSSHHH

  • Not your best game imo but still clicking anything from you the nanosecond I see it my man.


  • So good.

  • I like how he ends on exit 1A. He knows he's the best but he's not going to throw it in anybody's face. He's subtlety a savage. Get 'em Nate.

  • the sunken place is 3/22/2001 detroit michigan.

  • he remebered his youtube pass noice

  • aint moving an inch

  • if you search up NF it says not related to the legendary rapper Eminem Im starting to doubt that

  • to many big words

    • ? 😂😂

  • As humans, we all talk about how weekends go by soo fast. Because that’s when we have the most fun, we’re the most free, and the most real version of who we are. That’s why this song seems to go by so quickly. Because we’re in such a good place listening that we don’t even think of time.

  • But no joke song is hella good

  • I kinda feel like nf and problematichiphop would be a pretty good duo

  • 1:11 me in every social situation:

  • It shows realty and encouragement to giving a helping hands and love the music.

  • Pls pls don't use the trumpet 🎺🎺🎺🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 🕉️🫂🖤🧢

  • Ty for the update NF and Nate! But for the rest,,, ppl this is just and intro for puff fff idk... Look this man with a spoken word on this tv word

  • Absolutely amazing like always my dude 💜

  • A+

  • I can't believe this came out on my birthday and I didn't even know about it! Great Song

  • Warning for all Producers- Don't Use Hihat/Clap/Snare/Kick. This boy are fire.

  • Symbolism, at first he isn’t used to the changes in cuts, at the end, he understands it. And faces the problems, cars, head on

  • Loved seeing his humor in this. So creative!

  • oh NF back on his shit, this boi bouta go crazy 😬

  • I mean if you like drill but not this there is something seriously wrong with you. Then again that’s my opinion.

  • Literally the only song I've been listening too for the last week. No lie. And this is the first song I've ever heard from nf

  • Like....seriously....only Rappers that could compete with this is Any Of The Bone Thugs When On THEIR Shixt

  • i can relate to nf like he lost his mom and he has a harsh life when i was only 10 i was told that my mom was missing

  • eminem sounds weird

    • Ok Stan or Stanania...haterrrr ok that was corny as 42 white musically trained and have thousands of albums every genre....and you corny bro or sis...whichever

    • NF and only NF. No eminem in this video