Radiohead - Live From The 10 Spot (December 1997) (Unabridged Pro-Shot)

Opublikowany 9 kwi 2020
From the Radiohead Public Library. Audio edited to a normalized volume with loud pops removed

Produced by Jennifer Carr
Directed by George Lagakos
Unit Manager: Chris Choun
Technical Manager: Tony Pietrzak
Lighting Designers: Allen Branton/Andi Watson
Associate Producer: Mark Brandstetter
Associate Director: Liz Patrick
Music Mixers: John Harris/Nigel Godrich
Unit Manager: Andrew Siegal
SR. Production Coordinators: Mike Bandolik
Production Coordinators: Kristi Knight/Matt Parillo
Production Associates: Jennifer Carreras/Jennifer Langheld
Stage Manager: Joey Meade
Lighting Directors: Michael Callahan/Michael Goodwin/Matt Ford
Technical Director: Mitch Geller
Video: Billy Steinberg
Videotape: Jack Roche
Monitor Mixer: David Tordoff
Front Of House: Jim Warren
Audio Mixer: Bob Aldridge
Audio Assistants: Steve Lamphere/Bryan Leskowicz/Skip Kent
Cameras: Rob Balton/Charlie Huntley/Jay Kulick/John Meiklejohn/Manny Rodriguez/Damien Tuffereau/Mark Whitman
Utilities: Frank Bourassa/Jose "JC" Castro/Keith Guadarrama/Jim Washburn/Drory Yelin
Manager, Facilities Scheduling: Julia Massey
Electronic Graphics: Liz Maunder
Make-up: Leslie Baker
Open And Bumpers: Glenn Aibble
Local Promotions: Lisa Braun/Kathi McMorris/Stacia Valle
Event Management: Kathy Flynn/Clare Wool
Business Managers: Stephanie Longardo/Cindy Perez
Programming Enterprises: Ed Paparo/Gail Hecht
Band Tech: Peter Clements/Duncan Swift/Adam Cummings
Line Producer: Jacquelyn M. French
Executive In Charge Of Production: Salli Frattini
Executive Producer: Alex Coletti

0:00:00 Fitter Happier [Prelude]
0:01:45 Airbag
0:06:32 Karma Police
0:10:49 The Bends
0:15:18 Exit Music (For A Film)
0:20:14 Talk Show Host
0:25:49 Subterranean Homesick Alien
0:30:38 My Iron Lung
0:36:03 Climbing Up The Walls
0:41:10 Lucky
0:45:52 Planet Telex
0:50:31 Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was
0:54:38 No Surprises
0:58:25 Bones
1:01:48 Just
1:06:25 Paranoid Android
1:12:57 Fake Plastic Trees
1:23:04 Let Down
1:29:00 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
1:37:06 Electioneering
1:41:22 (Nice Dream)
1:45:35 The Tourist


  • 0:00:00 Fitter Happier [Prelude] 0:01:45 Airbag 0:02:12 *BROADCAST START* 0:06:32 Karma Police 0:10:49 The Bends 0:15:18 Exit Music (For A Film) 0:19:49 *COMMERCIAL BREAK START* 0:20:14 Talk Show Host 0:24:55 *COMMERCIAL BREAK END* 0:25:49 Subterranean Homesick Alien 0:30:38 My Iron Lung 0:35:55 *COMMERCIAL BREAK START* 0:36:03 Climbing Up The Walls 0:40:28 *COMMERCIAL BREAK END* 0:41:10 Lucky 0:45:52 Planet Telex 0:50:16 *COMMERCIAL BREAK START* 0:50:31 Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was 0:54:20 *COMMERCIAL BREAK END* 0:54:38 No Surprises 0:58:25 Bones 1:01:42 *COMMERCIAL BREAK START* 1:01:48 Just 1:06:21 *COMMERCIAL BREAK END* 1:06:25 Paranoid Android 1:12:57 Fake Plastic Trees 1:17:46 *COMMERCIAL BREAK START* 1:23:04 *COMMERCIAL BREAK END* 1:23:17 Let Down 1:29:00 Street Spirit (Fade Out) 1:33:49 *BROADCAST END* 1:37:06 Electioneering 1:41:22 (Nice Dream) 1:45:35 The Tourist

    • Hero

    • let down... blows my tiny mind

    • @pimposki this is one of my top 3 gigs I've ever saw(tv, going to see live music, awards show's, festivals, local new or old acts, open mics, any and out of all of the above, this is one of my favs. I taped it on VHS when they did this for the 10Spot on Mtv. I wasssssss well, I would've been 12. And I probly had school next morning.sry to bore the tits off of you people's, but this gig(!!!!!!!!!) was an extremely big deal to me. One mo' thing!!! lol I remember, they had a commercial, and when they came back, they just kicked into the very last bit of TalkShowHost. And it's so violently(at their gear) awesome. Just, (at least for my not-very-chipper, 12 yr old brain,) mind blowing how cool I thought this gig(& inevitably, Bends&OKcompoots) then a few months later, I found(*happened to catch) Unkle+Thom's Rabbit In Your Headlights...had to go "all the way to town" to Hastings to order PsyenceFiction. Again, blew my mind and heart outty my soul's ears. Anyway...peace and fleece! Be, then stay warm and awesome to each other.

    • @embersoftheabyss really puts into perspective how strong the songwriting was then; i love modern radiohead too but aside from in rainbows they aren't really "pop" (as in, verses and choruses and catchiness anymore). but back then they only had 3 albums, one of which they hated, and yet they had so many gems that they could make a setlist like this. wild

    • What a set list!

  • 57:33 is ed crying?

  • Keyboard intro of jonny in Let Down is

  • Paranoid Android is awesome but this version is ridiculous!

  • Such emotion and intelligent lyric writing, the music the definition of perfection, you don't get music like this anymore. Love Radiohead ❤🤘

  • This has the best version of Let Down, such a joy to listen to it

    • What's the difference with other versions?? I think it can be because he doesn't sang it no difference

  • No Surprises FUCK. Such a hauntingly beautiful song with depressing but brutally honest lyrics. Its like in life when everything seems to be going perfect then something unexpected happens. Its constantly skimming the surface of comfort, only to be woken up by your alarm. Songs like that are why I love OK computer so much. They made the album at a time in their life where everything had become so different and they were experiencing huge fame. Its like "Wow were really famous but still normal people just like you and we're not sure how to feel about it". The harder life gets, the greater the album resonates with me but its always been my favorite album. From Airbag to Paranoid Android to Let Down to Climbing Up the Walls to Lucky and finally The Tourist. The best closer of all time imo, "Hey man, slow it down". That whole song just has the feeling of being content with your life finally after going on a crazy fucking ride. As if you just made a revelation of some sort. You can't always be happy but you can at least be content despite being aware of all the shit that could happen to you, is happening to you, or did happen to you.

  • So many ad

  • Yeah.....I was there about 10 deep on the floor. The bass got so intense during “Climbing up the Walls” that I started having trouble breathing and had to move to the back. It was quite the physical experience. One of my top ten shows of all time.

  • Talk Show Host is fucking amazing.

  • 1:40:10 Jonny solo

  • Why is the bassist hiding in the shadows?

  • Are we going to ignore the flawless, powerful performance of Let Down?!?!?!?! Gave me goosebumps. So good!

  • jaw dropped are 3 min, they sound so good.

  • This was uploaded on my birthday! Best present ever!

  • 🚬

  • 26:01 Subterranean Homesick Allien

  • Best Radiohead tour ever!

  • La Historia Termina. El avion de mi sueño de niño explota el motor del ala izquierda la gente se asusta y al final me olvido El Parasueños que para mis caidas en el sueño que paro las caidas que pararan todos los sueños que pararon mis caidas en no la ame nunca MA TE AMO SOS MI NOVIA Y TODO LO QUE SIGUE ! Que mas te puedo decir es obvio que lo estas leyendo y que lees todo y que sabes todo y que bueno vamos a marte o a pluton armemos un mundo ahi creo que la vas a ver te lo puse para que soñes cosas lindas con tu novio .......... YO y el que Quieras no te pongo ·VOS# CAPAZ QUE TE ASUSTAS .... Sabes que estoy contigo y ellos y ellas vendran a buscarte cada noche mi vida es para La Santisima trinidad me acabo de enterar que sos la sacerdota mas grande de todo el Mundo A todas las mamas del mundo Quiero que sepas que esto es una vez en la vida .... TE LO DIJIERON SI PERO QUE TE DIGO ARDO NO ROBO NO TEAMO Y LO ESCRIBO JUNTO POR QUE SOS LA MUJER MAS HERMOSA DEL MUNDO Y LLORO ESCRIBIENDO LOS NUMEROS SON TODOS TUYOS Y EL QUE QUIERE HACERTE ALGO MALO .............. CUANTOS ESCRIBI QCIO LAVEZZI LA HIZO MESSI LA CONTO TE VEO A VOS ME SIENTO EXITADO POR EL EXTASIS NO MAL PENSES AH ES MENTAL NO NADA QUE NO SE ACABE NUNCA POR QUE ME LA CREO TODO LOS DIAS POR QUE TE SIGO HASTA MAS ALLA DE LAS GALAXIAS QUE FORMAN TU CARA EN CADA ESTRELLA LLORO POR ESO QUIERO UNA ASI NO DUELE POR QUE CUANDO LLORO TE VEO SOS EL ELLA Y LA OTRAS TAMBIEN TRABAJO SABES LARGISIMO LLEGAS Y LO VES TE MATO! SABES QUE NO EN LAS ALTURAS VEO QUE EL CIELO BAJA LOS PASOS LOS DOY CADA VEZ MAS LENTO Y LOS APROVECHO MAS ESTA DE MAS DECIRTE QUE TUS CARTAS SON SAGRADAS Y QUE SOS LA UNICA A LA CUAL NADIE PUEDE VER ! ASI SERA SIEMPRE

  • Se me eriza la piel, se me retuerce el cuerpo de emoción. Amo Radiohead.

  • This 5:52

  • 57:50 Radiohead's guitarist cries during No Surprises. It makes me sad .

    • I think that's sweat...but it's open for interpretation.

  • Still one of their best performances.

  • By far the best performance of (Nice Dream) I’ve ever seen

  • I remember watching this on acid w my best friends at midnight on a Friday night in 97 on MTV I think. Either live or re-air. As high school kids our curfew was midnight, so we all came back to one guys house, said hi to his mom & found this gem to trip out to during a chill come down after an intense Halloween evening on lsd in the city dressed like clowns. It helped make for an absolutely perfect night on Earth.🤣😭👅

  • Never heard my favorite radiohead song in this way.🤭 26:00

  • love jonny, but why does he butcher the melody of airbag every f****king time????????? it's a timeless f**king melody!!??

  • Very unpopular opinion: Electioneering is the best song in Ok Computer

    • @The Dark Side I think you've misworded 'creep' and 'high and dry'

    • the band hates that song

    • @Yannick Wolfe nice worded opinion, yes I agree with you, I respect it :)

    • Ok, I'll bite! It's not the best song on Ok Computer. That title would go to The Tourist ( perfect album closer, especially with the themes of ok computer ) Paranoid Android ( as a whole, almost a perfect song ) or Let Down ( some of the best lyrics and the music is quite astonishing ). Electionneering is a great song, but the " weakest " of the album. In my opinion at least! That said, the worst song of one of the best album of all time is still pretty great. And it aged really well and it's great live, especially this performance 🤯

  • It was about three months shy of five years after the release of their debut album "Pablo Honey" when this show took place, and yet they play exactly NO songs from it here. The set is all from 2nd album "The Bends" and 3rd album "OK Computer" (which had been released about six months earlier) with one "Bends"-era B-side, Talk Show Host, thrown in. They continue to this day to make a habit of nudging their fans to move on to new musical spheres.

  • Jonny: yeah fuckit i’m just gonna play a load of extra notes in that Airbag riff

    • @kevin valde alright

    • @Levi nope, it's Jonny, Ed plays the rythm guitar part

    • if you're talking about the beginning it's Ed that plays it.

    • 😂😂

  • Thank you so much for this... Blown away every time I watch them live.. Oh my god.. Exit song.. No words...

  • 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • Electioneering ❤️❤️❤️❤️🧉🧉

  • Este es el mejor concierto de Radiohead por el setlist que se mando. Musica para volar...

  • damn that performance of Planet Telex is nuts.

  • What a freakin concert, I just realize the setlist is purely OK Computer and The Bends

  • Jonny still has the price label on his keyboard. He probably wasn't strong enough to peel it off.

  • God this is such a legendary performance.

  • 47:25 crazy zooming in and out on Thom lol

  • It’s 2021 and Jonny hasn’t aged

    • Same haircut since birth

  • Danke

  • I was was incredible being at this show...many famous people were in the crowd that night...1 of the best concerts I've ever seen and I've seen everybody....

    • I was too...and saw them again the following April, last show of the tour, Spiritualized opening. Both amazing shows, this one was better.

  • thom yorke screaming at airbag is the best thing ever 5:52

    • Tied with is scream during Belfort 1997 airbag performance.

    • Nice Jonny Greenwood pfp

    • La foto que tienes de perfil , se parece al jonny XD

    • YES. When he doesn't it's always missing.

  • jesus.. i cried at "job that slowly kills you" and Ed cried at 57:55

    • It's sweat.

    • I'm pretty sure that's sweat. The lights they have on stage are so hot

    • They were sick of touring ):

  • Great upload - but God damn those yanks ruined the end of Climbing up the walls


  • sigh. greatest, band, ever.

  • 4 unliked?

  • every airbags in the blue whale

  • It's too bad Johnny wrecked the "Airbag" motif.

  • I just love the time capsule MTV production here-- the zoom ins, tilted angles, and quick cutting of the 90s, so different from the more staid 2016-18 tour videos. Great set list! Planet Telex kills.They're still enjoying the straight-up rocking, before they grew out of it post-2000.

  • Watched this concert 50,000 times. JUST noticed the apple logo on Thom's guitar. Perfect.

  • Hermoso

  • You should be ashamed of yourself for propaganda, profit from other people's work is a political thing. The show is amazing, but screw you John Doe, you idiot.

    • It's alright. We all have those days.

    • @John Doe Okay, you're right, excuse my ignorance. Thanks for the upload, the show is amazing.

    • This whole channel is unmonetized, and 90% of the videos have copyright claims (including this one) meaning that all the money from the advertisements gets paid to the label/artist. IDK where you pulled politics from. That Arcade Fire video in one of your playlists is pulled off a CD, you could also say that's "profit from other people's work". I swear, literally everything is somehow political these days.

  • Does anyone remember when people used to say the 90's of MTV was garbage? Does anyone even watch MTV at this point? Does it even exist??

  • Amo esta gran banda! Tan jóvenes éramos! Hermoso recital, concierto de estos MÚSICOS!

  • I fucking love this show, for sure the one that made me fall with the band back in the 90´s

  • Electioneering, jesus christ...

  • 26:08 Radiohead fans are the best.

    • Jajajsjsj es la emoción puraaa

    • Thank you! I always loved that scream before Subterranean Homesick Alien

  • Thanx god for uploading this.. What a brilliant show it was.. And the full HD.. 👌🤟

    • @John Doe But the quality is good.. Especially Climbing Up The Walls..

    • Well, it's not full HD. It was shot at 480i.

  • Omg! Just realised Bullet Proof was in here!?... never seen / heard such a great a live version. Sensational

  • Amazing concert!!!! Imagine seeing them in 97... this was the tour when they were firmly established is Global super band. Only 3 albums in and they no longer needed to play Creep. My Iron Lung is particularly great.

    • @blur i personally want to listen Lurgee live again. That shoegaze-esque howling sound.

    • @Warn Hasri Honestly i wish they'd bring back Blow Out to their setlist, that song rocks live

    • I so them in 97 for the Ok computer tour. It was in Grenoble, France and they played Creep. The whole concert was awesmome, one of the best I ever seen. Cheers, Fabrice

    • I saw them on the bends, it was a trip to see how enormous they’d gotten. Then again after Kid A came out. Went from a club, to a theater, to an enormous outdoor concert in the span of four years.

    • No Pablo Honey at all.

  • Why is Ben Affleck playing guitar with them?

    • my thought since I was a little

    • oh man i need a hug from u

    • And billy corgan on electioneering 😭

  • I was there !!!!!!!! Epic concert, mtv 10/20 , weird!?, Manhattan center, weed times !!!, lots of emotions, had I computer at my room at my building on 100 st & Broadway, and we can of new they were coming to NYC to throw the album live for the first time, first time they did was at irving plaza , I recall was impossible to get a ticket,. Nevertheless, I was there!!!, and my soul dance right now as I see & hear now big time!

  • The best Radiohead concert of the 90s that has been shot professionally. Hands down. This version uploaded on their library is really good quality and, as you say, completely unabridged, for the first time. Jonny Greenwood at the height of his guitar powers.

    • Live at the Astoria ‘94 is also an amazing show for a Radiohead 90s pro-shot. Even though it’s mostly Pablo Honey songs, it’s still a great performance from the group.

    • Prefer his vocals at glasto

    • I agree...I was there and it was a truly mindblowing concert...

    • @John Doe I see what you mean, thanks.

    • I'm fairly certain it's just normal 480i. The other versions that are on PLtools are either recorded onto VHS from TV or are shot on VHS at the concert. This copy seems to be sourced from a higher quality (still 480i, but from a format better than VHS, probably digital) copy from MTV.

  • Stepping the end of the very best version EVER of Climbing up the walls is sommthing that I'll never forgive...

    • Es imperdonable ..... Porque justo en el tema más importante

    • Toronto ‘98 also has a killer version of Climbing up the Walls where Thom does probably his most chilling scream ever

  • great to see this in full. captures the feel of being in the audience

  • Amazing gig, thanks a lot for this, is so amazing

  • MARVELOUS!!! Radiohead is the best band ever

  • Comercial break was awesome!

    • Thom survived something with the word "commercial" in it!

    • A criminally underrated track.

  • Shit man where did you get this- I’d love to have it on dvd

    • @John Doe hi, is there a chance for a re upload please?

    • i downloaded some videos from following these steps: hope this helps

    • Sorry for the wait. Finally got around to uploading it somewhere. Here you go.

    • @John Doe please, I want to download it too

    • The videos are actually hosted on Vimeo, but they're configured to be only viewable on Radiohead's website. I found the URL for the video using Inspect Element and used youtube-dl to download it by making it seem like I'm accessing the video from the Radiohead website (there's a --referer option that does this in youtube-dl). If you don't want to mess around with command line PLtools downloaders, I could upload the file somewhere. Took me a good 30 minutes of monkey-ing around to get it to work myself.

  • Thanks a lot ❤

  • Please bro you have the complete show of radiohead in glastonbury 1997?

    • I found the edited version that appeared on BBC. I'll see if I can get that up.

  • Joyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa es la versión completa 😱😱

  • This is amazing! Had this show on VHS many years ago but managed to record over it whilst chemically compromised. So great to find a high quality version of it 😍

  • This show blew me away when I watched it on MTV back in 97!! So happy to see an uncut version. Thank you!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • I was there. My friend and I snuck into the afterparty upstairs too :)

    • @Barry Flash he is not the joker, he is joaquin fucking phoenix

    • @jiz That'd be awesome

    • @Adam n you've got to be fucking kidding.

    • That could be the night Stipe gave Thom some advice...

    • @Mr. Papalaka which Blur member was there?

  • Best version I've seen of this... thanks

  • I remember watching this when it premiered on tv after having just seen them myself-thanks for the upload I didn’t know this was available.

  • Thank you!!!