Token - Dentures (Official Music Video)

Opublikowany 14 kwi 2021
Just a warm up.
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Produced by Nox Beatz
Directed by Ben Proulx x Token
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#Token #Dentures


  • This is just a warm up. Stream now!

    • Videos always 🔥 bro!!!


    • When is your next concert I'm trying to get tickets.

    • Yoooooo token, this shit was fireeee man. Glad to see you’re still making straight slaps. I have a question though, if you end up ever seeing this: It seemed like you never wanted to be tied to a label because of their control over your art after that. Has this one given you the freedom you need to make what you want to make? And if so are they going to help with production values in the future? Not saying they were ever bad, I just always felt like you had a really good video making team behind you before, but maybe this will open new avenues of filmmaking for you and your team... cause guap. Love what you do man, can’t wait to see what you get up to as the years go on. Take care brother💯

    • dayumn

  • #tribeofbenYHmin #dearslim #djpm #lightsout googbing mazel tov records! u made it buck$o, grats!

  • He bounces.

  • I love how he only needs himself as the cast🙏.

  • Love Benjamin Franklin more than his wife and Mama 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯

  • DUDE your fire

  • Definitely sneak dissing Tom MacDonald for sure. "Bragging like you independent, you just in the worse place, no one's trying to sign you in the first place." & "Don't compare me to the dudes on the trend list, they don't love rap they just wanna get attention"

  • WHAT IS PINK 18???

    • token dropping on the 18th?????

  • Il déchire ton son et ton flow 👌👌

  • I'm pretty sure I found you on Tiktok after I saw the shot of you blowing Techs mind on PLtools Rapper. I'm sure glad I did 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pologize for hurtin on u g it was an outward reflection of my own shit! Gotta new respect for u 4real

  • Video hard

  • Bruh you gettn mad play in my tattoo shop.

  • i wish token switched his style once in a while. feels very samey, while he's a very good rapper and his lyrics are good but i feel like he's hit a wall. token, please smash that wall, and get past this. by the way, welcome back. i thought you had quit making music.

  • The best Token is still AquaGoat Finance

  • People just seeing token telling him to keep his flow and style trust us long time fans he's kept it and he gonna keep it. Respect for token man he keeps it real can't wait to see him get the attention he deserves!

    • exactly - I think he makes it look too easy so people just write him off as a one hit - but they don't even know how deep this dude flows and already has for years

  • Day 25 of listening to this i lost count of how many plays

  • Why is this not on Bandcamp dude this is insane.

  • This may very well be the craziest video I seen in a minute

  • This is so fucking fire

  • shady would sign ngl

  • Love from Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • whoa.. token lyrics always on point but this video is crazyyy!! haha

  • Damn dewey snappin

  • Dude shit goes hard as hell.

  • Bro went in on this one and them visuals ... thank you ben

  • Token becomes a cigarette because it's fire off the top

  • This video has brought 907 ppl who don't know good music

  • Yo this shit BUMPS

  • Told her every comma i get cama!

  • Let's get him 10 million

  • Fix spotify Dentures sound quality. Its kinda bad

    • I think its just your phone bud

  • At the start I thought he was dissing that Tammy Macdonald. Well I wish he did. Token would destroy him. Great track mate. I love how these boys are bringing hip hop back with lyrics. No mumbling.

  • Pink is... ?

  • Pink is_


  • loss. hes white

  • holy shit..

  • Amazing bro

  • Im convinced that this code red PT 2

  • I love you i miss this

  • Fire bars

  • This video is put together very well

  • Shout out to the OG's listening 3 weeks later

    • Lol nice dig at these types of comments I see everywhere this was funny 😂👍

  • Amazing. Welcome back big boy. Do it!!

  • Damn, just found this guy.

  • "I'm impressed and the legends are impressed Already got to Cole and Kendrick call me, welcome to the mix" ... can someone explain that part? Does kendrick and Cole know who token is?

  • I've never seen someone flaunt their intellectual superiority yet keep it accessible for fans in my 30 years of life on this earth. Token will forever be regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time

    • @Brandon N I'm not saying he's better than token per se I'm just saying he's flaunted his intellectual superiority and kept it accessible to fans for about 25 years.

    • @4four4 sorry but Eminem has gotten to the point where he's rapping for style points and trying to be a speed demon instead of trying to rhyme and rap about stuff that is more relevant to him and males more of a fun song

    • Eminem lol

  • I don't even have to listen to it before i give it a thumbs up.

  • well the thumbnail was misleading

  • Yo yeah fam it's the bad boy tune a long time coming fam

  • If this a warm up i am too scared to overheat. While listening the rest of the great bars and dope beats

  • Token new song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Token

  • Joyner Lucas

  • Hopsin

  • Oh yeah you definitely have the skill to blow up. Once you do don't ever abandon this style you're creating your own identity by spitting bars unlike other wake ass fake woke rappers. You're good asf Token never stop rappin.

  • Hit me up for a collab. I love rap and I'm not going.

  • what a comeback dude!

  • Bro this gotta be a fever dream.. How do you explain this to the director.

  • nigga was fire before he sold his soul lol

  • 45 seconds into my first listen *slides over to Spotify to add to playlist*

  • I am addicted

  • If this isnt a shot at Tom Mcdonald id be surprised.

  • Protect token at all costs....

  • Feel like I woke up from a long slumber bout to burn the village down

  • Welcome back man! Sounds good 💪🏻

  • hooooooo shiiiii.

  • Omg

  • As always lit!

  • fuckin love this dude

  • YOU'RE A MEME Bro... lmfao

  • This was one of the hardest videos I’ve seen in a WHILE

  • Good lord this guy gives me the same feels I got when I first Eminem, you can tell this guy just loves his craft.

  • Nice sellout gear Toke. You gonna go pop to make it because that sellout shit showing.

  • Damn boi

  • this is the reason i love a good rapper.. hes a beast.. crazy good

  • Luh diss

  • Literally just no bullsh*t. Fire beat, fire lyrics. Cannot be more simple than that.

  • hm?

  • Hard

  • Nah....I'm good.

  • Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  • no just stop

  • This song goes bananas

  • Im worth the weight like terrio

  • this shit crazy!!!

  • Tooooken u back bro missed this style of give a fuck never that rap🔥🔥💥💥💯💯

  • Heard this on a PLtools ad which was dope, only ad I won’t skip.

  • This beat is possibly one of the best productions I've heard, wavy af.

  • Man, the continuous flow is absolutely savage.

  • Token Hospin and NF all on one Song 🔥🔥🔥

  • 1.3M views, 100 are mine haha

    • I am pushing at least 40 views

  • 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  • We are ready legion unite Rally i found a worthy host

  • This is siiiiccckkk🔥🔥🔥

  • Game changer!

  • You are underrated!

  • Just commenting for the algorithm. Y'all gonna give Token his flowers while he is alive.

  • 💥🤯💥🔥🔥