Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight goes the distance [Highlights, recap] | CBS Sports HQ

Opublikowany 6 cze 2021
Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

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  • Boxing has truly become a embarrassment

  • The decadence of the sport Boxing

  • How many idiots paid for this fight ?

  • It’s boxing, boring fist fight with huge gloves. Cowardly and most overrated combat sports. MMA is multidimensional and more risky. Why are boxers scared to fight MMA fighters in MMA?

  • Alternative title: guy whos undefeated with 50 wins vs some guy with a piece of cardboard from a children's card game worth 10000 dollars

    • giving him a run. A few uppercuts and more bodyshots, and more dirty fighting and he would have got much more out of the "Exhibition!" 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Y’all really hate these guys😂😂😂😂 wait till Jakes starts whopping was for real

  • 1:33 dat speed, holy motherfu**ing god ! >:o

  • Everyone is a boxing critic apparently 😂😂😂

  • This is so lame🙃

  • Watch some Mike Tyson fights and this back-to-back

  • 50 wins? Only 27 ko's? He was genius in making money that's all

  • Mayweather??? He's a big joke...😅😅😅😅

  • 🥿🥿👠👠👙🩱👛🩰🩰 🥊⚰🪦⚱

  • Floyd Mayweather is his second opponent definitely made it big .with all the criticism


  • For real better than canelo va kovalev or canelo vs khan in weight difference fights

  • Logan trying not to pitch a tent while "FIGHTING" Floyd

  • Mayweather's a BUM. It's discusting that he's able to make that much $ from this debacle without barely throwing a punch. He should be ashamed of himself. Big up LP for giving him a run. A few uppercuts and more bodyshots, and more dirty fighting and he would have got much more out of the "Exhibition!" 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • 217 punches thrown 28 landed niceee

  • Who cares.

  • Logan Paul is a bum and can’t fight

  • How win?

  • Lserelmya

  • He said it a year ago “ IM A-side” dat boy a living god better watch out

  • Goes the distance? The look on Mayweathers face when he knocked him out and carried him until the bell saved him! Mayweather was a little better? Mayweather sold his soul and didn't turn this creep into a vegetable in the first 20 seconds.

  • My brother is 13 and he Waze 190

  • Completely worthless fight….

  • Boo Jakepoul

  • Logan should fight someone in his own weightclass, not someone who is 34.5 pounds lighter.

  • Boxing has lost its value

  • Logan goats hard

  • Fucking embarrassing.

  • The easiest part was separating those that paid from their money.

  • Staged. Sold. Arranged. You name it. Whatever you pick, is far from boxing.

  • I was here because cr1tical wore a black shirt for this

  • He didn't know how to box thats it!

  • This isn’t even close to Boxing. What kind of sport this morons are playing. Hahah wtf!!???

  • 2:14 when you try spray but none of them was a hit

  • FIGHTER RESUME: 20 Million social media subscribers. *smdh*

  • Well it was fun to watch I honestly thought Logan would win but it looked like his punches weren’t really effective I never thought he would get knocked out.

  • Godbless xx

  • WHO win

  • Logan Paul that cave beast not the great nethothal hope

  • What a load of bolox

  • Floyd stop saying ur the best ur not now we finale know why u never went up in the next.weight class.cause u.get.fucked.up u couldn't do nothing to the boy he sat the and was laughing the hole time ur not 20 anymore so many times.u talked.with ur ego. U could do shit in the ring I was I'm surprised

  • All we fight For is money we don't give shit of people in Ethiopia Who are dying from hunger humans are Most stupid creatures in nature All we want is Sex,Drugs, Alcohol

  • うーん

  • Logan Paul the kid you laugh at the woods AND PEEPS STILL LIKE HIM so f WeIrD

  • That fight was weak! Just for show!! How much money you make Logan???

  • 天心より強いやんけ

  • Can't wait to see Logan vs Paul

  • Money making clowns.

  • Very disappointed to see such a faint , fixed match .

  • Too bad he didn't get his ass kicked by Mike Tyson in his prime and went into retirement. This dude is such a bum of a fighter. No style, class or skill...

  • This isn't the type of fight you watch illegally but you still want your money back... This is the type of fight you watch illegally and you would want your TIME back

  • Who. Won

  • What a joke fight.

  • pltools.info/it/foN_z6iOlZ9-rps/wideo

  • Milked to death. Can‘t take boxing serious anymore

  • This shit is a joke lol

  • Everyone complaining it about being staged then why watch it at all... we all knew it was for the money the fight was supposed to be in the UAE in either Abu-Dhabi or Dubai... plus Floyd’s nickname is money, and Logan just moved to Miami if I’m not mistaken. So yes it was going to be staged for money just like every other fucking thing on tv beside ufc or mma ( guess what I bet Floyd money mayweather and Logan Paul both can get royalties for their face being used in all these video or their names being used or whatever. Might be wrong bout that but still wouldn’t put it past either of them for trying to do exactly that.

  • How much $ u think Logan made? The same? Half? 20?

  • I can see Kanye trying to set up a fight against someone.

  • This is disrespect of boxing

  • f****g circus.

  • Bro you lost and to be honest there are guys that deserve to be in the position you were in. But money speaks and it insults. But no matter what FM is Champion no doubt.

  • Yes this was a big joke and Floyd and Logan are laughing all the way to the bank, jokes on the fools who paid for watching the fiasco

  • Logan Paul be like : I will pay you for me to win

  • Bro Floyd went so easy on him. Let’s be honest.

  • I thought people are exaggerating the fight just because of one scene the hugging thing but when i see this men wtf is this shit even the fights between a newbie boxer is better than this.........

  • Anti climactic tho

  • To everyone criticising LP v FM, they both still put up a far better show than whatever shit went down last night….

  • Legal bank robbery💸💸💸💸

  • Logan: When you dont know how to play the game and just press random buttons

  • Logan kid did great.. everyone thought Floyd will knock him out but it was an equal fight and I'm gonna give this fight to the kid. And p.s. thanks to Paul for helping me make some money😁😁👍

  • Shit I’d love to get in their and get the shit kicked outta me for the amount theyre gettin paid lmao

  • Logan should take some boxing classes. Always nice to see Floyd playing in the ring.

  • 6’2 vs 5’8 shouldn’t even be a fight. With that reach you can just hold him off with one arm while you pummel him with the other.

  • People who paid for this shit are rretarded

  • money issues or what ever I'm happy I got my wish to logan fight with Mayweather

  • yeah, where's Pacquiao?

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  • Looked like Mayweather was having an exhibition with Hulk Hogan.

  • I watch this fight for free and I want a refund

  • Black people boring boxer like floyd david haney sakur stevenson broner stupid boxer

  • old ass Mayflower lost!.......the only surprising thing in this match was that Mayweather was TRYING!....his corner looked disappointed, in shock....Bald Head Ellerbe had a sad look on his face...lol

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  • He looked so tough with his golden Charizard like a 10 year old showing up with one to people who don't even have Pokémon cards.

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  • Maybe Floyd will fight some old lady next for a few million. I am an old man and I will fight him for the right amount of money . I will even let him win.

  • 1. People gave money to that hug? . 2. Why was that old guy hugging that creep ? 3. Why have people sunk to this. 4. We need to go back to our sweet spot 1980-90

  • everyone kisses mayweathers ass but he is ruining the sports reputation. He lets these bums act like they can hang with top boxers, all to make money he doesnt need anymore. He should be knocking them out like he could in round one and giving respect to the sport

  • Floyd Mayweather is the greediest man on the planet

  • Mayweather 44yrs, 155lbs, 5"8 fighting a well trained 6"2, 26 yr old, 190 lbs way out of his weight range with a 76inch reach. It makes for an interesting Mashup. What guy do you know that's 155lbs that isn't in the 6th grade?!! Props to this rich bastard. If only we had a fraction of his money! This was a cash grab. Logans second fight is with Mayweather? Only in 2021.

  • 44.years old, and Paul 26 and durabylidad good.condition mayweather JR have he is the Best .

  • Floyd knock Logan out, and helped him so he could go the distance!!! Lol. I know everyone that seen this, seen that Logan was out!