TEKKEN 7 - DLC 18 Teaser Trailer

Opublikowany 20 lut 2021
A new character will be entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament in early spring 2021. 馃嚨馃嚤
Watch our teaser trailer for DLC 18, announced during the Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable #2 livestream and stay tuned for more updates!
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  • Where is Terry Bogard!?

  • I wonder if they鈥檒l release new characters from either Bloody Roar, DOA, or Killer Instinct in the next season.

  • ale te przebitki z Warszawy sa slabe :D az razi w oczy.

  • Yo ya los tengo a todos los personajes del juego tekken 7 para play station 4

  • It's FIRE

  • How about the Guest Characters Falcon and the Winter Soldier, also Zemo from Marvel Studios, Din Djarin from Star Wars The Mandalorian, also Rey and Kylo Ren from Star Wars, and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean?

  • Wow 馃槻, lo que m谩s me gusta , son los nuevos escenarios, est谩n s煤per genial.

  • All the Jin mains just creamed their pants. We just found our new waifu.

  • so, when is the new trailer?

  • History of Poland in 20th Century 1940: *Polish people fights with guns* 2021: *Polish peolle fights in Tekken*

  • Is she an ASSassin? An asSASSin? No. Assassin.

  • 銇嶃亱銈撱仐銈冦儓銉笺優銈瑰弬鎴︺仩銇

  • 1 mes y seguimos sin ningun trailer mas largo ... A QUE ESPERAISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Polish power

  • For the love of God please add Kiryu Kazuma from Yakuza

  • Make me as a Tekken Character!

  • I would have preferred a returning character

  • Beata? O_O

  • Can't wait for Lidia Sobieska

  • iksde jolo

  • New tekken game please

  • Do we need these dlcs to build the tekken 8 story oAo

  • Me: harada can we finally get a nerf on zafina Harada: Poland

  • Her name is lidia sobieska I'm hype who's hype

  • Nina+Lili

  • Szkoda 偶e to nie Ciri z wie艣ka

  • Her fucking chin.

  • Lidia Sobieska, Polish karate 馃憤馃徏

  • ale jazda

  • the most random news I heard in a while. But sure, let's go with that. Hopefully it's not a political thing

  • It's a f*cking mix of nina and katarina

  • Country of Lewngolsky Polsk

  • lidia sobieska jun kazama jinpachi mishima kazuma hiryu & kilik as final dlc characters for tekken 7 and gets releases tekken 7 complete edition with all dlc for all consoles

  • Wirus jest ju偶 w odwrocie!

  • 觳犼秾7 鞁犾簮毽澑臧

  • Her name is Lidia.

  • Someon Can tell me who is it ?

  • Seems to be somewhat inspired by Krystyna 艁ybacka.

  • To mi sie podoba馃挭

  • Hey Namco, it's been a while. Can we get an update on Krystyna please? edit: Now it's Lidia...

    • @Riccardo Nevermind! It changed to "Lidia"

    • @Riccardo this is her official name, it was leaked by Microsoft along with her character bio

    • So this is her official name?

  • +Bandai Namco Entertainment America I Pick To Mario And Luigi, Please


  • Not this time Kiryu...Not this time...

  • Rlly hoping this is part of april fool's or something. Smfh

  • faz one piece burning blood 2, com mais perssonagens, e mais hist贸ria. Ex ( hist贸ria de de dressroa, bota perssonagens dessa hist贸ria. arco de whole cake, coloca perssonagens desse arco, big mon, katakuri etc, arco de wano, bota os perssonagens de wano, Kaido, yamato, os nove baianinhas etc) e acressenta outros perssonagens tipo o rayleigh, king.

  • This last dlc of the last season better be good

  • Tekkin 8 wen


  • Que no av铆a salido el tekken 7 ya? No ser铆a el 8?

  • We want Tekken 8. Please make it happen as soon as possible

  • Their gonna push are online ranking back again like the last patch probly smh

  • When is the release date?!

    • February 21, 2021 (Teaser) March 21, 2021 (Trailer)

  • i really wish to the next dlc to be an emulator for tekken 3 or other old tekken

  • Literally "who asked?"

  • Another company bribed with 500+

  • Katarina sister

  • We need silat here

  • Nobody cares for this...

  • o kurwa...

  • ?


  • Love you tekken 鉂ゐ煒

  • 馃槏馃憦馃憦

  • Akcja zapewne dzieje si臋 po upadku rz膮du Morawieckiego. W ko艅cu b臋dziemy mie膰 porz膮dn膮 pani膮 premier. Hehe


  • "The Kurwa of Iron Fist Tournament"

  • A my艣la艂em 偶e Polski nie ma :)


  • since i'm from poland and character will be polish i also need to comment in polish. Huj wam w dup臋 namco za takie pojebane dlc, huj w dup臋 polskim politykom i jeba膰 PIS. Combo nowej postaci powinno si臋 nazywa膰 wPISdu co zabiera ca艂y pasek 偶ycia xD

  • Hope they give us a next gen upadate along with this

  • Alucinante!!! Pero aun sue帽o con que tekken algun dia haga un luchador inspirado de mi pa铆s (Per煤). Dif铆cil pero se puede so帽ar.

  • 艢rednio zrozumia艂em

  • Her rage art has to be AsSasinNation

  • 艂o kurwa najman

  • So that means, no kiryu :(

  • wjebcie tu korwina mikke i bedzie pogrom polska gurom xDD

  • kurwa musia艂em spojrze膰 15 razy czy to nie fake (Polska gurom)

  • Can we get more guest characters from other fighting games like virtua fighter and dead or alive ? Also kazuma kiryu please please 馃槩馃檹馃徎

  • These DLC's keep taking funds out of my account lol.

  • So nobody is gonna talk about why there's a car on the top of the gcorp huh

  • "Musz臋 opodatkowa膰 wszystkich Polak贸w"

  • I dont want new characters i just want a new tekken 馃槨馃槨

  • Welp rip kiryu looks like its back to yakuza lad for him


  • Is it a prank ?

  • this might sound weird but imagine if we saw samoa joe from wwe or take from soul calibur

  • xddddd

  • not even Mariusz Pudzianowski

  • turk olan varmi


  • Enough with the dlc..

  • ?

  • O k贸rwa

  • She should have a title that should say I must break you

  • Season 5 plz New moves for all And buff leoo ._. :)

  • Teraz tylko czeka膰 na trailer gdzie si臋 leje z Dragunovem o gaz



  • Yes Ps5 Tekken 8 online no ps4 Tekken 7 lol

  • Cybershit 2077?

  • Was kinda hoping for either Kazuma Kiryu or Jun Kazama, but I gotta say, my interest is piqued.