BLACK VEIL BRIDES - Fields Of Bone (Official Music Video)

Opublikowany 8 kwi 2021
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Directed by Andy Biersack
Produced by Steven Contreras
Here I am your Judas Christ and I bleed from
the heart that saved your life.
Blurry vision when your eyes are gone but
I see every word you string along.
Are you the saint that burned the gods of man?
Hard to stand when no one gives a damn.
Not alone, Just not one of them - your shadow.

The fight,
Heaven hasn’t ended.
I swear that I’ll protect it,
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer to Fields of Bone.

Every word our final verse we sing to
the blessed and the cursed.
Hard to picture where we all belong and
if we have the strength to carry on.
Am I the saint? Take me by the hand.
Hard to trust when no one understands,
you’re alone in the eyes of man.
No shadow.

All the sinners are sent to rest.
All their misery has to end.

The fight,
Heaven hasn’t ended.
I swear that I’ll protect it,
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer to Fields of Bone.
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer,
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer.

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  • Sounds like Madonna I remember....

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  • so EMO fck swag style in metal nah thanks .

  • Great job guys! Andy you killed it by directing this video!

  • Yo intentando dejar de ser raro y black veil brides saca estás canciones ,dios mio los amo

    • Ser raro no tiene nada que ver qué te guste black veil brides o cualquier otra banda de heavy metal

  • Maaaaaan this is so good. I feel nostalgic! 16.5.21

  • it reminds me of that musician friend, also an esteemed man who told me after ingesting three balloon glasses of Gigondas that he very much believed in arrogance, hated the idea of submission, humility and that if we had to endure a form of coercion or dictatorship, he would always prefer it to be exercised by the crowd than by the musical or social elite. We can negotiate with the masses .. Musical elite is too arrogant!

  • I am still just as blown away with the vocals, guitars, and drums as I was the first time I saw it......the light swinging like a metronome is such a cool touch! Excellent Video!

  • Te has comprado un djin squisi

  • Who is the new guy on bass, because we know who it ISN'T 😜

  • Muy buena

  • this song is ridiculously good. its on repeat for me

  • Bring that fckn Album

  • Did Andy actually meet my dad on tombola because my dad said he did and if so I’m so happy 😂❤️❤️

    • I’ve been a fan for years with my sister, Tegan and Shannon Cowley x

  • How do they literally never age ?!!

  • I miss Ashley purdy

    • Good lookin dude but he was apparently quite difficult to work with.

    • The band is far better off without him. All he did was re-design the logo and play during shows. Aside from that the band almost ended multiple times because of him.

  • Awesome riff

  • I think the reason I avoid andy is because everytime I look at him he steals my soul

  • I've been a fan since We Stitch These Wounds came out. I swear they get better with every album. I can't believe Andy is only 30.

  • the best roast I have heard in a while is that I am a dollar store Andy black, I don't know weather to feel pride or shame...

  • I've been playing a lot of Fallout 76 lately and it looks like they recorded this in one of the mines lol

  • I so love this band. It's like the rock bands of the 80s and 90s realized in modern ages.

    • This was exactly what I thought when I first heard them in 2015 with Heart of Fire.

  • I just realized that Andy black looks like the more dark and badass version of machine gun Kelly lol 😂

  • Why is Andy looking the same ,when I look like a old ass woman 👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻 I started listening to BVB since 2012. 😒😒😒 I could be his mother judging by looks right now.

  • You guys still slap

  • Fields of Bone or Fields of Bones? 🤔

  • うわっ💦いい感じになってる!奥さんも頑張ってー。子供のアイドルやめたんですか?笑 それバットマン経由の子供にみせて大丈夫なんですか?笑

  • Remember when we were all teenagers?:')

  • A qui esta el comentario que buscas

  • Just discovered these guys, wow do they fucking rock!

  • Pq santos ele tem cara de kaz brekker, eu soube da existência desse homem a uns dois dias e ate agr to com essa pergunta

  • what a phase guys.. i miss these times soo much

  • You bring me back my 2007

  • Love seeing Andy venture into more singing, don't get me wrong 100/10 for all the screaming and older stuff as well, but love seeing his growth

  • And to think he's only 30 years old. We'll have BvB albums for a long time.

  • Bvb is legendary

  • i loved these music haha

  • Hi my name is Justinia and I'm really interested in your group is very interesting to listen to your music

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  • pls andy, SCREAM!!!!

  • Se ve tan lindo Andy en el video. Y me encanta como mantiene el tono de voz parecido por años pasados :3

  • okay i like this one better than scarlet cross

  • YES! YES! YES!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶😎🤘

  • I think... I m ay have just watched an Undertaker vs The Fiend match involving a gun during a music video. ... Unanticipated, but absolutely worthwhile!

  • bvb dont know how to mess up a chorus. so damn catchy

  • Кто русские?

  • 🤘🖤

  • I really love the melody on this one

    • Thanks love and support I really appreciate you can text my mail

  • This is my favorite song now

  • Anyone else love how the video actually fits modern screens?!

    • Thanks love and support I really appreciate you can text my mail

  • The only thing that actually changed about Andy is his hair

  • Guys think... great voice. Girls think... look at dem badass eyes.

  • 10대 시절 날 완전히 이모 키드로 만든 마성적인 남자,, 성인 돼서 안 듣다가 들어왔는데 진짜 여전히 심장을 뛰게 만들어 ㅜ

  • Wooo!!😎🤘🤟

  • Another great song Ive been a Fan of BVB for years now and I still love all there music new and old,keep up the good work,and good job as always 😊

    • Thanks love and support I really appreciate you can text my mail (

  • i truly don't understand how people can listen to their music & watch these music videos & not cringe so hard they turn inside out?? like they're the laughingstock of the alt scene for a reason

    • Theyre literally not the laughingstock, you on the other hand are for thinking you speak for an entire group

    • because they're fun? not everything is that serious lmao

  • Dang that was cool!

  • Wow, Lightning Thunderstein had such a glow up!

    • Thanks love and support I really appreciate you can text my mail

  • i love u guys so muchh

  • in how many languages ​​do I have to say that this song is perfect?🖤

  • Man that shred solo was so melodic

  • These guys are like a fine wine


  • belos olhos

  • Everything about this video is 🔥🔥🔥



  • wait the band is back??? since when o_O

  • Everytime I hear a song by them I skip to the solo... it's a bad habit

  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • i love andy's voice

  • 🤘🏻🖤🖤🖤

  • Andy is aging so well😍😍

  • Ôh saudades 🥰❤️

  • Buen 2step DMMDLFÑ



  • asik cb!!!

  • Wow pasa el tiempo y no baja la calidad de sus músicas😯👌 Son una magnífica banda con gran talento!!

  • My daughter Angel and I absolutely love BVB's! Congratulations on being so AWESOME, TALENTED AND THE NICEST GUYS EVER!! We really love you all!! Hugs and Prayers from Cincinnati (Sayler Park). 🙏🤗💖

  • I love the heavy vibe! 🤘

  • Paradise City sucks.

  • i'm so happy you guys are back!!

  • Jake pitts has improved

  • Love the color palette of this band. Performance is E Pluribus Unum.

  • The song is awesome, but I can't take the video seriously at all. It screams chunibyo edge-lord lol

  • Just curious, what do all those crosses mean to you? For me it means I was bought with a price. Christ willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross and redeemed me to God.


  • I'm just as much a fan of the old stuff as anyone, but I think we might be seeing BVB in their prime right now. More mature and solid track after solid track.

  • Everything that Andy is, it's all eyes. He's all eyes.

  • Thrilled twerking

  • This is by far one of their best songs. I'm addicted to it currently.

  • Volvieron!!! 😍

  • Oh yes 🤘🤘

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  • . New fan from Paradise city. Love this music.

  • Still don’t understand how anyone can like this group like fr fr straight🔥🔥💯💯🤟🤟

  • Damn last I've heard from then was on 2012 set the world on fire. Wth happend? Lol great song tho!

  • Holy shit !!!! Andy Biersack's face is perfection and I am loving the new music !!!