DAY6 "You make Me" M/V

Opublikowany 19 kwi 2021
DAY6 "You make Me" M/V
Listen to DAY6 "The Book of Us : Negentropy - Chaos swallowed up in love"
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  • Can I say that no one can get me out of my depression and sadness but only day6 can do this and i'm so grateful for that

  • Beautiful song

  • DAY6

  • he looks like song kang

  • DAY6: You Make me MY DAYS: complete

  • Gabisa gabisa milih bias

  • Nohji Marajwoooooo

  • Aku kembali setelah bantuin para bujang jualan sambel

    • Apa lu? Gw udah bisa komen lagi yeuh

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  • Big love from ur arab fans🥺❤

  • 사랑합니다 데이식스들

  • day 29 of me saying how much i love and treasure Day6


  • 안녕하세요

  • To this day they have not released a bad track.

  • Oh my Lord. That transition of voice at 3:24

  • partnya jae nagih banget omg😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 7jetih enak nih wkwk.... Malam mala ngambyar beohh enak banget:(

  • So cool meennn❤️🔥

  • porque seguimos estancados en 6M?? Que pasa con MyDay?

  • this song is amazing!!!

  • 역시 데이식스 노래 너무 좋다아아.....


    • i think because since they’re a band so the member themselves want to be known by raw talents rather than promotion but yk some people needs exposure to this type of talents huhuhu


    • Good question... i've been a MyDay for years... haven't found the answer yet... I am sorry

  • hi i just knew this song and now i cant stop listening to it😭💙


  • Kemana aja gue baru dngr lagu lagunya day6😭

    • @Indy Meirina tau nih dri kmrn jyp stan tpi bru kena pelet day6🤣

    • @Kim Alana tau yeoposooo yg koplo😭ㅋㅋ

    • Hayoloh kemana aja??

    • Nah loh kamu kemana aja selama ini??


  • 6,191,777

  • Astaga nih lagu kok enak banget yak , bikin nagih

    • Parah enal banget sihh, rasa pengen main drum juga nih grgr nih lagu enak parah sih

  • I miss u guys :(

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  • aduh ganteng semuaaaaaaa

  • aduh ini mah masterpiece

  • 6,189,938


  • Never disappoint.

  • الاغنيه دمانن 😣😭😢😢😭😇😘😍

  • Love

  • New myday here i am so happy to be in this fandom ❤️❤️❤️

  • 🥺

  • Jae is so handsome and , talented.

  • Ayok bisa yok 100m hehe

  • nohji


  • Nyambi jualan sambel pedas nih

  • 6M ✔ 7M 8M 9M 10M Keep on streaming plss

  • if i lose u there is no tomorrow @ sungjin

  • DAY6 doesn't realize this, but they make everyone's day better.

  • Don't sleep on Day6 😠Keep Streaming

  • Yok bisa 10M yok (muach)

  • gw tu tiap striming psti selingin ini trs.. enak lagunya

  • You make me..... Cry:(

    • (˘̩̩̩ε˘̩ƪ) me tooo♡♡

  • day 28 of me saying how much i love and treasure Day6

  • Ayo semnagat streaming 😭

  • I literally can't choose one, everyone so talented and unique in their own ways. LOVEEEE FROM MALAYSIA

  • Mulfand seperti gua be like : Hbs nct , day6 habis itu svt habis itu twice habis itu....

  • I wonder if there are new MyDays (You make Me era baby) here? Just want to say hi to them!

  • My favorite song.. Love them so much...

  • Wae geroji mwolaaa~

  • The best day6's song!

  • lets go 7M!

  • wonpil ganteng btulll

  • Day6 best band.

  • Amoooo absolutamente todo, son parteeee

  • proud of day6

  • DAY6

  • wwaa lagu ini semakin hari semakin membekas dan tidak bisa move on

  • .

  • A lot of fans kept thinking and blaming jype for not doing enough for DAY6. Not promoting them well enough. But their concept that is set right from the start is alr the best choice for them. DAY6 themselves want to be known for their raw talents. And it is the dream of every real band to be known based on their real talents, and not recognised only through widespread marketing tactics. This is why jype wanted DAY6 to be known more through word of mouth instead of bombarding the public with the common marketing for other idol groups. But why aren't they on tv, cable, shows, programs, etc., you may ask. 1. They are super active AND interactive. Check out their Twitter acct and V app account for proof. 2. They have been on shows BUT they made it crystal clear that they want differ from being idols. Moreover, during an interview on their debut, they made it crystal clear that they want to be recognized as artists and not idols. 3. You might have the impression that they must appear on many shows to gain recognition, but they themselves agreed that it would be best if they become known for their talent. Most importantly, if fans really follow their every schedule, it is not hard to actually tell how much efforts jype staff put in to make them happen for DAY6. They only attend radio shows and other programs which allow them to perform live. This is not easy because we all know that not all shows allow or can accommodate all their instruments. The staff made it happen for them, on many radio shows they were the first to be able to live perform with all instruments. And their efforts are paying off. All the positive comments and reviews about them came about because they have all of these opportunities to show off their real talents. So JYP and JYPE do care about DAY6 just that as the first band of the company, they are approaching this in an even more cautious manner. Thankful to JYP and all JYPE staff who have been putting in so much efforts to allow DAY6 to grow well as a real band:) let's just support DAY6 and all other artists because really, the company's doing their job so let's do ours

    • @mar AF actually day6 is under Studio J (branch/sister company of JYP) in the beginning Day6 did play in the clubs only, they even went out to the streets giving passers by candies, flyer, asked them to come to the club to watch them (this before debut), after debut, they only promo in radios, permanent guest on sukira then hongkira, i think that's the way they want it, not through tv, variety shows. that's why they got slowly recognize by kpop fans / korean entertainment industry.

    • Reading this long essay, whtever it is, I still think DAY6 deserved so much more and I hate that the company for not hyping them as much as other artist in the company. Hate to know that the member itself brainstorms to promote themselves more WHEN THAT’S ACTUALLY THAT IS THE COMPANY MARKETING TEAM’S JOB

    • Let's support DAY6 ♡

  • Alguien sabe como se llama el muchacho de la camisa de cuadros roja?

  • Masterpiece

  • Love love love.


  • Still obsessed !!

  • Viciada estou

  • this song always got me crying over and over again no matter how many times i listen to it. the lyrics in youngk’s part gave such a big impact to me.

  • day6 is so talented

  • Puuuuuukiiooo!!

  • One thing that gives me pride is the fact that they never had only 1-2 main vocalists or lead vocalists. Different members shine in different songs and in different parts, so you can never guess who will sing which part(usually in other groups, there is a pattern of which part belongs to whom) And because their vocals are solid, they really can slay any notes, even the low registers. This allow them to have a wide spectrum of genres and songs, so it's really a joy to listen to Day6 albums❤️

    • I found on this album Sungjin and Jae shine in the latter half of the album.

  • mer lu kalo lagi liat komen ini, plsss twt lu yg mana btw gua kay

  • You make me

  • 1.26 am :)

  • Jae looks so stunning on the Maps Magazine vol. 154 issue ~♡ & I mean he slayyyed the photoshoot Who bought a copy?


  • And I'm here again....

  • los amo ,merecen muchiiiiisisisisisisismo mas reconocimiento

  • nochi marajwooooooooo

  • Dear Itang, gue dh nonton Ampe abis

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  • Nohji Marajwooo

    • Gw udah bisa komen anj

    • Haii akuw, kasian akun lu gabisa komen lagi yaaa? >

  • I love you guys so muchhhh, thank you for always making my day

  • Doun keren banget pas if i lose you there is no tomorrow if i have you nana nanaa

  • siapa yg smpe hari ini msh streaming...kalian luar biasa

  • tadi aku minta bantuin temen buat str3am MV nct dream, dan dia beneran bantuin wkwk, so I'm here now >_

  • #BBE #BringBackEaj

  • Heran gue, lagu sebagus ini kok yg nonton cuman segitu TT.. heyyy day6 itu keren bangeeet, talent apapun mereka punya semuaaa.. musik mereka enak abisss. Huaaa day6 hebaaat!!

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  • I'm still here