Radiohead - In Rainbows From the Basement (April 2008)

Recorded at The Hospital Club, London in April 2008.

00:00:21 Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
00:05:41 15 Step
00:09:37 Bodysnatchers
00:14:02 Nude
00:18:49 The Gloaming
00:21:46 Myxomatosis
00:25:43 House of Cards
00:31:21 Bangers + Mash
00:34:54 Optimistic
00:39:51 Reckoner
00:44:50 Videotape
00:49:33 Where I End And You Begin
00:54:59 All I Need
00:59:17 Go Slowly

Director: David Barnard
Producers: Nigel Godrich, Dilly Gent, James Chads \u0026 John Woollcombe
Director of Photography: Brett Turnbull
Editor: Jerry Chater
Sound Engineers: Fred Jackson \u0026 Martin Dineley

Produced and Mixed by Nigel Godrich
Recording Assistant: Richard Woodcraft

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  • I wonder how many times "Emily is extremely online" has seen this video.

  • Aguante argentina carajo

  • Thank you for doing all this, and for giving it to the world!!

  • Gracias por tanto! el mejor disco que escuche en mi vida

  • Angry landlord at 4:11, comes downstairs to see what all the racket is. He's like "Oh.....okay.....not bad"

  • [Verse 1] The mongrel cat came home Holding half a head Proceeded to show it off To all his newfound friends He said, I been where I liked I slept with who I like She ate me up for breakfast She screwed me in a vice But now [Chorus] I don't know why I Feel so tongue tied [Verse 2] I sat in the cupboard And wrote it down in neat They were cheering and waving, cheering and waving Twitching and salivating like with myxomatosis But it got edited, fucked up Strangled, beaten up Used in a photo in Time magazine Buried in a burning black hole in Devon [Chorus] I don't know why I Feel so tongue tied Don't know why I Feel so skinned alive [Verse 3] My thoughts are misguided and a little naïve I twitch and I salivate like with myxomatosis You should put me in a home or you should put me down I got myxomatosis, I got myxomatosis Yeah, no one likes a smartass, but we all like stars Wait, that wasn't my intention, I did it for a reason It must have got mixed up, strangled, beaten up I got myxomatosis, I got myxomatosis [Chorus] I don't know why I Feel so tongue tied

  • Ya perdí la cuenta de cuantas veces escuche esto y en varias etapas de mi vida, el sentimiento sigue igual, ¡son unos grandes!

  • Forgotten how much I love this album.

  • Damn man i need Jigsaw Falling into place

  • 20:03 XD


  • Super Chill yet grave in the timeline.

  • 🖖

  • Always radio in my head...👍

  • I'm going to have to go with karma police or paranoid android.

  • Will this be released on vinyl? It should.

  • Whoever is here... Go check out the Times Of Grace Cover of ALL I NEED. Youre welcome

  • 1. Ok Computer 2. In Rainbows 3. hail to the thief 4. The Bends 5. Pablo Honey 6. Kid A 7. Amnesiac 8. the King of Limbs 9 A Moon Shaped Pool...

  • Love these guys and everything they do 👍👍

  • Pablo Honey is underrated in my opinion I love all Radiohead albums!

  • as i continue to rematch this i slowly start to have the horrifying realization that thom yorke is a ginger

  • Hey this was pretty good. I think these guys are going places XD

  • 42:14 Did he said, because we separate like ripples on a blank shore and add "In Rainbows"? That contrast between sadness and joy is what I love of them :') Its defines me

  • Love how in Reckoner, everyone except for Thom, becomes a percussion section.

  • take 2 hit and fly on.

  • This album was a real grower for me, now I hear the beauty in it. They're a cut above, Radiohead.

  • The best 1:03:09 of music you can find on PLtools. Period.

  • Nude, that ending... I wait the whole song for that ending.

  • the best performance of Radiohead ever.

  • i would not be surprised if there was r34 of thom and his microphone

  • 34:57 Ohh WAH AH AH AH!!

  • where i end and you begin is criminally underrated

  • Colin Greenwood is similar to Jimbo (The Simpsons)

  • for my cat kufus dead by a car......allways in this song...kufs...u allways lay with me in the couch with this song...i love you..and i never forget u...i dont listen this song for aobut 2 years....too much pain

  • 🌈🏳️‍🌈💗💠

  • Still love watching this. One of the greatest rock bands ever


  • Listening to this on my mono stereo speaker is a very different experience. It sounds like a mess, lol.

  • Weird Fishes is all Phil Selway for me. That guy just owns that song.

  • When you want brilliantly progressive music, there's Radiohead. For everything else there's Mastercard.

  • Porque no esta esta grabacion e Spotify!!!

  • As much as I love In Rainbows, my favorite performance in this setlist is Optimistic.

  • Love this session

  • The drummer's tempo is just nuts

  • Reckoner is Radiohead's best song (trust me, I know how difficult it is to come to that decision, but it is).

  • Why does the end of nude sound like the little mermaid

  • La mejor banda

  • Escucho y nos veo. agradezco lo vivido, lindo pasaje por el universo.

  • The switch in all I need when thom goes from mic to piano is so fucking cool and effortless and he stays singing, gets me every time- also thoms vocals on this are flawless throughout

  • Soy de🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸y fui🇬🇳y a🇵🇭

  • Soy de🇦🇲

  • Tengo una gata

  • How can we get so obsessed with an album? Cheers from the Caribbean!

  • Soy un buen siklista estoy en la cuenta de mi mama me llamo Luciano 🤣🤣

  • I was in heaven, it was the middle of Reckoner, an AD came on! I was momentarily aggravated but the dreamy momentum of the music echoing in my mind bridged the irritating gap and I dived back into bliss.

  • We love Radiohead's Videotape, check out our new cover and let us know what you think : @

  • Obra maestra ❤️

  • This presentation it's SO Iconic that I Always assume that was THEIR Basement jajajaja Just right now notice on the side other presentations and realize it jajaja

  • I love this more than Ok Computer

  • Weird fishes is almost the perfect song. Incredibly orchestrated and complex yet so chilled out. The way it pulls you up and down is quite extraordinary.

  • Assxb

  • Feel.her

  • She.fakes.what

  • Boring.orb

  • Cordical

  • More.bass

  • Holy.fawk

  • She.faked

  • Homing.pigeon

  • Feel.n.ohm

  • Forn

  • Clunt

  • When I'm sad or not sleepy I come here and find peace

  • I feel permanently baffled by the fact that 1000 people have somehow taken it upon themselves to give this outstanding performance a thumbs down. I think they need to book a GP appointment pronto because they're clearly ill.

  • Gracias, los quiero mucho.

  • Pandemic Time...

  • the glomming is the best

  • Anyone know what he meant when he said "What you doing with that bottle?"? 39:35

  • This is just one of those albums you regret listening to because it makes all other music sound like crap in comparison

  • The lewd breath pharmacokinetically heat because price analogically trap upon a broad screen. didactic, broad cross

  • добра музика

  • music hasn’t made me feel this way in a long time

  • One of our HUGEST influences along with Verve, Glass Animals, and Stone Roses and Built to Spill!

  • I want an OK Computer version!!

  • GREATEST BAND OF THE UNIVERSE’S UN ✨ VƎRƧ’S EXISTƧ. ♾♾♾♾♾♾♾♾ ♾♾♾ !¡!!¡!¡G👑D INFINITELY BLESSSS !¡!¡!¡! ♾♾♾ ♾♾♾♾♾♾♾♾

  • this is beautifully rhythmic

  • How are they all so cool, and how is Jonny so mysterious and uniquely cool?

  • Simply one of the best albums ever made!!!

  • The Work lives with the gaze we give it. It is not limited either to what it is or to the person who produced it, it is also made by the one who hears it. This music is a space of questioning and meditation where the senses that we attribute to it can come and be made and undone.


  • I don't know how many times I have watched this but I will always come back to this masterpiece

  • This is too good to be true

  • Oh my GOD! I cannot stand how much I love this band!!!!!

  • I'm a Radiohead fan-pleb. You're all amazing.

  • I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times over the years and it never gets old

    • @Karma *three days grace playing*

    • I can’t talk right now. I'm making PISS.

  • por que no hay una causa sin una razon..

  • please add this on spotify i need the gloaming with that bass

  • i'm so obsessed honestly

  • 7:45 p.m