Radiohead - Live from Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (April 2012)

Recorded at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA, USA on the 14th of April 2012

00:00:45 Bloom
00:07:13 15 Step
00:11:20 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
00:17:08 Morning Mr. Magpie
00:22:22 Staircase
00:26:55 The Gloaming
00:30:47 Pyramid Song
00:36:26 The Daily Mail
00:40:20 Myxomatosis
00:44:54 Karma Police
00:50:10 Identikit
00:54:14 Lotus Flower
00:59:35 There There
01:05:17 Bodysnatchers
01:09:40 Idioteque

01:14:29 Lucky
01:19:23 Reckoner
01:24:57 Everything In Its Right Place

01:33:40 Give Up the Ghost
01:39:31 Paranoid Android
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  • amazing performance and song's from Chile aguante radio ctm

  • One of the shows of the century so far! Great light show and new songs, just a monster performance.

  • The hours I spend singing Radiohead songs in my head, can only be measured in credited multi-dim light-years, give or take a dimension.

  • this show is amazing - RADIOHEAD RADIOHEAD RADIOHEAD - my love music

  • 44:14 50:13 Lol

  • im gay

  • the David Lynch cut ins on Ed lol

  • That Karma Police performance is awesome,

  • I was at BBK/Bilbao enjoying you later that year 2012 (July) Show looked a bit different compared to this delicious Coachella performance. Perhaps Toronto events were very present in our memories. Thanks for sharing this piece of art and letting us to enjoy and getting educated by your music again.

  • One of my most favourite bands! Thank you so much! Also for your engagement for environmental protection.

  • Thom just glides across the stage so effortlessly

  • Thom yorke: voice cracks multiple times during pyramid song Also thom yorke: belts the ending of pyramid song absolutely beautifully that he normally uses falsetto for. Absolute legend

  • Loving Ed's hat!

  • This is why Radiohead is Radiohead ❤️ Ps. jonny on drums is just another level hot🔥

  • Sonic youth

  • The better albums I ever had

  • Best band with 2 bald drummers ever.

  • I was there that night

  • How so? No Creep? :)

  • I donno why Jonny Greenwood looks so fucking cool when he plays gtr but he does

  • Ed has Jonny hair in this vid

  • I love that they share instruments..the piano and the prophet etc

  • Anyone else hear the British office theme vibes at 47:25

  • What do you think Clive does backstage when he takes breaks

  • Wondering what Ed is doing w the strat at the beginning of gloaming, can’t hear it

  • Jonny, Thom.. Radiohead. Our last living legends/Geniuses left... we must protect them at all cost.

  • Thom just has great dance moves, rock on y'all!

  • And he's allways going to have hes voice love u radio head u made me be come the best u could in singing I thank u and other bands no I dent take singing lessons I just like the man that sings for the love of music

  • I say one thing best

  • This is the best version of Identikit...

  • This was my second Radiohead gig! My first? Reading Festival, 27 August 1994 😬

  • Ed singing the chorus in Paranoid Android is fuking brillant

  • This show changed my life a little bit. At around 32 minutes I blacked out while on a cocktail of hallucinogens and had to be pushed through the entire crowd from the sixth row all the way back. My body was like rubber and I all my senses failed. I couldn’t see but I knew there was bodies by my brain perceiving them as sorta like an arrangement of static. The moment I got out I dropped to the ground and literally at that very moment was when Thom said “ you are still alive”. It changed my life a little, and i can’t listen to them without getting chills down my spine. Life altering experience indeed

  • love Radiohead music

  • Why is the ed cam such low fps ahaha

  • Probably their live concert most well tuned in all aspects: overall sound conditions, the freshness of the rehearsals and even the energy of the whole band in stage. What a experience it must have been for everyone there.

  • Thank you for this capture! One of my most memorable moments is being there with you all. It truly felt like being in another dimension.

  • So weird "Identikit" )

  • このアレンジのidentikitが1番好きだったのになぁ。 アルバム収録版のアレンジはちょっと残念だった。

  • Radiohead + PLtools = Happy era

  • nicob

  • What's with the ghost effect on close ups, I mean I'll deal for the price, but bummer.

  • i rememeber when this came out originally in 2012 has an amazing intro of an i guess little dj set from thom yorke back stage LOL at least i like to think that

  • Lets talk about Reckoner!!!!

  • broken

  • Los extrañaré :(

  • Was at this show... great memories!

  • There There and Bodysnatchers back to back = face blown off

  • I feel like the crowd was brain dead until the start of Pyramid Song. Go figure.

  • is Ed playing with a johnny marr jaguar on bloom ??

  • Thank you Radiohead for releasing all these gems! 💎 they’re 🔥

  • This was shit. The choice of songs AND the actual playing and sound quality sucks...and they know it too...theyre not fully in it...theyve played much better before and after with better diversified sprawling setlists....

  • Im so glad I have an EQ on my computer because I defiantly needed it for this performance. Though apart from that the playing, cinematography and volume mixing is really great!

  • lo maximo radio, graciass. me quedo en casa, ok compadre!

  • 26:54 “GLOAMING!” “ WOO HOO!” “YEAH!”

  • Qué disco sublime es In Rainbows

  • Pyramid Song tho

  • didn't see it coming 29:36

  • Néctar del show. En There There.

  • Radiohead's No. 1 fan is Colin Greenwood =)

  • Amazing! I might never catch them live but I'll have this!

  • Pretty fantastic

  • Awesome!!

  • This version of Give Up the Ghost is impossibly beautiful, even with the minor tuning imperfections. They are such a great live band throughout the whole show because they really care about and feel the music.

  • I'm just a photographer and videographer while humans can do this live - 12:20 Thom isn't even playing rhythm. Amen! Ed and Jonny are Gods. Let's all work harder!

  • The last time Coachella had a decent headliner

  • Mdr je suis pas anglais😂😂

  • Ed has a nice hat on

  • Colin Greenwood loving his life at 15:17!

  • Brilliant! Thanks for keeping us going in this Prison Planet 🎶🙂🐂🇫🇮

  • Shiiiitttttt real?? There there...

  • Thanks so much for posting these. If you could post your show from Coachella in 2005, that'd be great. I was there - one of the best shows I've ever seen, and I'd love to relive it.

  • Coachella is a shithole festival. Ruined Radiohead's performance on week 1 with the multiple sound cuts; however, Radiohead kept it so professional.

  • Many thanks for sharing this wonderful concert! Stay safe and healthy.

  • Its miracle

  • The only Identikit i acknowledge

  • I was there, Bon Iver played before Radiohead, incredible concert. Then Radiohead! Best week of my life. Coachella with one of the best lineup in the last 10 years; then Radiohead and Pulp in Mexico. All in the same week on Abril 2012!

  • A message to American audiences: Please put down your fucking phones and enjoy the show. Thank you.

  • its amazing how different identikit was at this time

  • to be fair the 80s weren’t the best

  • Obrigadooooo

  • Dum Dum Dum💘💘💘💘💘💘🖕🏾🖕🏻🖕🖕🏼💩💩💩💩👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👿👿👿👿😈😈😈😈👻👻👻👻💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️👽👽👽👽😼😼😼😼👎👎👎💄💋

  • So great to spend the evening getting out of my head with this performance. Thank You!

  • That early version of Identikit though, sexy as hell


  • I was front and center at this gig

  • What happened in this video to Thom singing "After The Gold Rush" before "Everything In Its Right Place"???!!!

  • Lifesaver

  • Staircase, to me, is one of the most beautiful songs they've ever written. That bass line is otherworldly.

  • After 40 years in music...I think it's time for a "Live" Best of...a Collection of B-SIdes...An album of versions of songs from others album of the best remix's...Releasing a Special edition with all this...

  • The renditions of Staircase and The Daily Mail as so true to the recordings they could practically be the actual audio they used for that release.

  • Ah... the superior version of Identikit...

  • My 2020 savings will be spent on their future gig

  • 1:38 The Greenwood brothers uwu

  • 00:54:15 One of the best live versions of Lotus Flower I've heard so far

  • Thanks for this

  • круто!

  • ¡Perfecto! espero verlos algún día

  • I was never a fan of The King Of Limbs, but that version of Bloom is just so damn good

  • More full shows pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!