Radiohead - Live from Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (April 2017)

Opublikowany 16 kwi 2021
Recorded at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA, USA on the 21st of April 2017
00:00:02 Daydreaming
00:06:32 Desert Island Disk
00:10:43 Ful Stop
00:16:22 15 Step
00:20:36 Myxomatosis
00:24:46 Lucky
00:29:24 All I Need
00:33:51 Pyramid Song
00:39:59 Everything in Its Right Place
00:44:33 Bloom
00:51:13 Identikit
00:56:30 My Iron Lung
01:01:40 The Gloaming
01:05:32 I Might Be Wrong
01:10:26 Bodysnatchers
01:14:54 Exit Music (For a Film)
01:19:57 Reckoner
01:27:38 No Surprises
01:32:07 Paranoid Android
01:39:16 Fake Plastic Trees
01:44:26 Lotus Flower
01:49:38 Idioteque
Directed by Kerry Asmussen
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  • 1:34:24 lol

  • One of the few bands I NEVER EVER get sick of.

  • 51:00

  • Mount Olympus of pretentiousness - give me a break

  • I’m a long time massive fan....absolutely amazing

  • i have only seen radiohead live once...when they were touring pablo honey....i guess i am lucky now that so many of their live shows are available on youtube...radiohead is the pink floyd of the 90s moving forward....

  • this is the best concert ever

  • Dommage de mettre autant de pub sur un super concert. C'est une chaîne officielle de Radiohead ?

  • Ful Stop til I die

  • thank you

  • holycow how did they know about the fake chinese rubber plants??

  • 1:38:05 didn't know Ed O'brien goes crazy in the ending of paranoid android, awesome ! edit: watched a live from 2003 and he already did it then

  • Most atmospheric and intellectual band in contemporary music 💙

  • Peace Love and Radiohead 💙♥️💙

  • Someone has got to be enjoying the bliss with me.

  • Who is here tonight? I love Radiohead.

  • Can’t wait.

  • 42:50 sounds like a fucking ytp

  • Use Headphones to hear Colin for maximum serotonin.

  • This daydreaming intro is something very special

  • Jonny needs to stop muting his guitar during I might be wrong, sounds awful, also during 2+2=5

  • I wish I was there....

  • sinceramente creo que el publico que asistió a este concierto en Coachella, es una mierda

  • Just do it twice... then it's jazz ;)

  • bass on I might be wrong was godlike

  • C'est magnifique !! 😍🙂

  • Extraordinaire !!! 🤩🤩😍

  • Arte

  • I love it when he sings like he's making fun of himself so he can laugh at himself for making fun of himself to keep from going batshit while playin' that song, whichever it may be at the moment, for the GAH-Zillionth time. It's what I might do in similar circumstances “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“ Much love!!! ✌ ϻя.ƹ

  • 24:10 blah blah, blah blah, f'ing blah! Makes me smile every time.

  • There is nothing to fear and nothing to......oh wait.......yes there's the masked sheep injecting themselves with experimental gene therapies in 2021. My bad. Every time I wake up in the morning I, for just a second, believe this whole nightmare is just a....well......just a nightmare. But then I come to - and it hits me again that the world of sheep are really that stupid - that they would continue to believe a lamestream cabal owned media who have never once told the complete Truth about a damn thing. SMFH. Go die sheep. Put your stupid Fing masks on and go die already. Go live in your BS manufactured fear based heaven - wherever you have to go - I do not care. Just stay the hell away from my family and me, you pieces of trash.

    • ​@Eileen Garcia I.........defile.........the beauty...........of Radiohead. Wow. That must have taken hours to write. So......let me get this straight. Taking time out of my day to warn others about what they may not yet be aware of so that they might research for themselves at a time when so far about 4,000 people alone in the US have DIED from gene therapy injections (including people I know and people known by others that I know) because they watch TV and know NOTHING but the TV lies by heart........(this number of dead is between 1% and 10% of the actual death count per historical vaccine death and adverse reaction reporting - see VAERS reporting) what seems to be a public comment section on jootube......(yeah I just said that)........where I know that I should be in good company with people who love this band's music as I have since I first heard them in the early 90's - THAT is what you consider to be me defiling "the beauty of Radiohead." Keep ignoring the information - see where that gets you. Or is it quite possibly the Truth that by one remaining ignorant about this world - or by one remaining SILENT about what they know - they are (more importantly and permanently) defiling our children's future and, therefore, their any chance to have a Radiohead experience of their very own? Later on you will ask - why did he not say something? And I will respond with something were in a Radiohead trance and I just felt that it was the wrong time to say were a driver and I was riding shotgun and I could see that you were about to run a red light and kill us both along with a family of 5 in another vehicle - but.....oh you were really into the music on the radio so I just kept my mouth shut. The music was more important than anything else including LIFE. Did Radiohead not use Nina Simone's 1968 interview where she says very clearly "I'll tell you what FREEDOM is..........NO FEAR!!!!......I mean really..........NO FEAR." I think they did. Yeah, they did. Maybe they were just being cute. She wasn't however. So to me that says you should not be wearing a mask in fear of a common cold with a 99.8% survival/recovery rate to date, that you should not be paying attention to the fear mongering cabal owned TV, and that I should not be in fear of telling you anything that I know, regardless of where I am standing or sitting at any moment. Thanks for writing though! "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    • @Christopher Laskoski You defile the beauty of Radiohead.

    • @Eileen Garcia Oh do you own this comment thread? I wasn't aware. Is that you wearing a mask little one? Poor thing.....

    • Shut your pie hole. We don't care.

  • I like all songs apart from The Gloaming, Am I the only one, as they seem to play it in every gig?

  • Radiohead at an influencer festival is just so weird.

  • 1:20:00 love

  • Not only is Jonny Greenwood a fuck off Gtr player and amazing arranger and writer of music but he has such beautiful hair.

  • Best live band. These guys are great.

  • Daydreaming : Jonny sleeps on the piano 😂

  • Incredible Work 👍

  • can't help but feel clive is really shoehorned in every time he appears playing over radiohead's back catalogue. like idioteque for example -- much prefer Phil just playing the beat over Clive's snare stampede.

  • thom really gave it his all this tour! his voice sounds great

  • Never skipping a song!

  • I want a weekend 1 video with all it's glorious technical difficulties

  • Everybody gangsta till Jonny starts bowing his guitar 34:00

  • [18:25] Incenaroar, Incenaroar, Incenaroar I guess we know who Thom mains in Smash

  • My Iron Lung = The 90's

  • 27:00 is just fucking perfect

  • Radiohead fulfilling the obligations of their original namesake "On a Friday" thirty years down the line.


  • love thom

  • The feels on this is through the roof

  • Johnny doing whatever he wants at 1:42 oh, my heart

  • love 🤍

  • What a lod of crap

  • 00:39:59 🍋🍋🍋

  • In my opinion, Colin Greenwood is one of the best rock bassists of all time

  • best version of 15 step ive ever heard mind blown !!!!!

  • СПАСИБО Вам за ваше творчество, я с вами уже 26 лет и хотя я почти не понимаю по английски, мне всё понятно что вы поете, Радиохейд вы одни из лучших на мировой сцене исполнителей, спасибо

  • 24:13 El mejor argumento para ganar una discucion

  • Video amazing, sound great, The Band? "The best"! Thank you

  • I wasn't there but I feel like I was.

  • Fake Plastic trees is Sad, sad ,Saaaad And very sad

  • 1:32:00 "Karma Police!" - straight into paranoid android. lmao ded

  • This set list is almost identical to the concert we saw in Philadelphia in July 2018. Thank you for sharing this and bringing back all the memories. ❤️

  • my heart on fire❤

  • Awwwww💥

  • The only thing stable in my life is my love for Radiohead

  • "This time maybe you can hear us" (Thom before playing Pyramid Song)

  • Radiohead Gives me the spirit to live on

  • The quality of this concert is out of this world! Both for video and sound! Incredible! Thank you very much, dear friends from Radiohead!

  • Genial !!

  • One of the most dangerous rock bands on the planet....

  • Burgers are good

  • We live in an age where almost anyone, no matter how poor, can see a Radiohead concert in full. Looking back on my childhood in the 90s and 00s, this would have been beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you future

  • At least the sound didn’t cut out like weekend 1, but I must say this performance doesn’t hold a candle to their 2012 Coachella performance.

  • Escape is a word becoming ever more meaningful these days.

  • Bored to death

  • Ful Stop is such a great song! Reminds me of Portishead's 'Third' album

  • can’t describe! holy god that’s you guys!!!

  • Average playing , only being kept together by Selway’s drumming . Dull crowd too .

  • I allways loved Thom's singing... but I feel since "The King Of Limbs" he's being excessively disruptive... getting out of tune on purpose allmost all the time Sometimes it's nice to listen to the melody of the voice being similar to the ones on the studio albums. I feel myself skipping some of the songs because I can't stand the excess of disonance.

  • People who put a thumb down are just jealous of their talent

  • good for my depression

  • 1:53:28 Thom: good night! 😁✋🏻

  • thom is such a funky little guy

  • Thank you RADIOHEAD. We needed this now. We say that with everyone one of these performances you've posted this year. THANK YOU! Love and respect from a little band in Canada.

  • this version of lotus flower is fucking amazing

  • Oh nice, another Identikit for my collection!

  • 1:38:13 ed yes

  • "You don't rememberamisususyulookprettyugly..... AH FUCK. AH FUCK."

  • What's with all of Thom's swearing, mumbling and lyric scrambling during this show. Was he pissed off about something or just having a good time?

  • colin is killin it on IMBW

  • Shame he can't sing

  • J'adore, une grosse dose d'émotions ! Merci.

  • Needs More Ads!

  • What an incredible setlist...

  • здоровски...🖖🏿👽 🎧🎶

  • Crazy running around screaming women and children, women and children!

  • God, I miss live music.....

  • los amoooooooooo a todossss

  • 1:34:24 Thom improvising after a mistake is my favorite part